Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top - Forever 21 | Pants - Landmark | Heels - Zara | Earrings - Viva La Manika | Photos - Kelly Medina

Ever since my trip to the Ayala Museum to check out the Kusama exhibit, I had a sudden flashback for my fascination for patterns nung grade school. Artist Yayoi Kusama created her Infinity Nets and Dot Obsession because of their recurrences in her dreams, also, to treat her OCD. I remembered also having a weird obsession for drawing these connected "C"s in my Assignment Notebook, creating this web-like image na gustong gusto ko lang titigan. "Baskets" sabi ni Ate, hehe. Tried drawing them again nung stressed ako a few days ago, and made it into my phone wallpaper, hahaha. Nagpapaka-artsy. :p

When I saw this grid pair of trousers at The Landmark last week, I realized that it somehow gave me the same feelz from looking at the Grade 5 "C"s I created before. I had to wear the pants together with my old F21 sheer polo, with same pattern but contrasting colors - Parang math notebook! Saktong weird lang, hehehe. 

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Let's watch and SING the epic "heartbroken ako" anthem Mr. Brightside ng live!!! ;p


  1. Ang social mo lang dito madam! Hehehe :))

  2. I love this outfit sis!! Ang lakas makadonya. You style this combo very well! Good job hehe :)


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