Remember to Breathe

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Praning nanaman ang nanay ko. 

I can't blame her, though, we had two crime-stories circulating the Gonzales household since yesterday: (1) One is on my own kabarkada na naholdup sa tricycle (minsan, kung kelan ang lapit na sa house!), and the other one is on (2) my sister's former officemate na bigla daw nawala. She's on her way to meet a friend, but hindi na nagpakita - yun pala inikot ikot ng cab driver for 3 hours habang may nagwiwithraw na ng buong laman ng ATM niya. :s

At dahil jan, my mom wouldn't let me go to my night-walks to yoga, so dapat agahan ko ang class yesterday ng 6pm instead of my usual na 8pm. I finished my work around 5pm na, left house around 5.30, and literally ran to the Bikram Yoga Alabang studio--nagpaka buzzer beater got in class just when our instructor was about to close the door. No pre-yoga rituals. Tinapon ko lang basta bag ko sa locker, hindi pa nakatali hair ko, and I haven't even hydrated myself (or took CR break)--Ayun na ako sa class, hinihingal. :p

Unrelated picture, haha, but here's my SM Ladies Fashion event outfit--finally may "outfit post" na uli! ;p

The Deets:
Denim Polo - Forever 21
White Rosettes Skirt - Elle Girl
Gold Chain Necklace - Anagon
Purse - SM Ladies
Heels - The Little Things She Needs
Thank you Arnie Villanueva for taking my photos! :)

Since afternoon affair, I went for the easy-breezy "breathable" clothes: my favorite classic chambray top paired with this new presko-short, fluffy, white Elle Girl skirt na lakas maka-gurl! ;) Very Vivi girl lang! :D

Obsessed lang with gold chains lately! :) Pinakapal ko sha ng pinakapal, hanggang aprub na kay Pax na forever ako sinasabihang "kapalan mo pa!" Haha! Thus, will name this the Pax Necklace! ;) Hehehe!

I am not sure if baliktad or tama ang pagkakasuot ko, but here's my first time to wear an ear cuff! :) This gold vine ear accent is from Quintessential Shop.

Anyway, back to my kwento, so I haven't fully recovered yet from my long run este walk, and I was there na in class, trying to fulfill all 26 yoga poses in a hot room. Hindi ko matago ang exhaustion--na straight from work, na walang enough water, I was nauseous the whole time, and parang I sat and rested mga 1/4 of the session. :( Hindi ko gawain yun, as much as possible I want to challenge myself and at least participate in all the postures, but kanina hindi talaga kinaya. :p

Although sweating (because of the heat), I suddenly realized na shemay parang as good as natulog nalang dapat ako sa bahay itong pinag gagawa ko (In short, walang kwenta). So before time is up, I got my lazy ass out of the mat, pushed my limits, and breathed through the remaining minutes. Counting from 1 to 10 to regulate my breathing, I was able to at least make the most out of this session and the few final poses. As with life in general, there are bad days lang talaga guys--but just remember to breathe, just outlive that day--and bukas, may chance naman uli tayo to redeem ourselves. :)

...Medyo nakakahiya talaga ako kahapon hahahaha, so malaking redeeming ang ganap ko dapat sa next time I go there! ;p

"Remember to breathe, and everything will be okay."
- Dashboard Confessional


  1. You look great ana! sayang i wasnt able to make it sa event, as my pets are very sick and need close monitoring. thanks for mentioning the quote from dashboard. nakakagaan kahit papano :)

    1. Hi Carizza! So sorry to hear about their pets--sana ok naman sila!!! :s

  2. Tama pagsuot mo ng earcuff, Ana. Glad you liked it! :)

  3. Ang protective din ng parents and I can't blame mother dear. times are tough na :( sorry to hear yung mga theft incident ng friends mo. :( tomorrow is another day!:) tams lang nag na humngi minsan dahil daming stressors!

    1. Hahaha hassle noh! :p Hirap maging gurl hehe :p

  4. I love your skirt. :) and that gold chain is so nice!!! :)

  5. Cute skirt Ana, lakas maka ballerina hahah :))

    Michael Macalos

    1. Hahahaha thank you Michael! :D Pano kaya kung nag ballet ako nun bata ako, ahhaha ;D

  6. Homaygad. If ike-kwento ko kay Mommy tong mga scary happenings na shinare mo, malamang di na niya ko papalabasin ng bahay :-S Shettt. Haha we can't really blame our parents for being overly protective. Love lang nila tayo ♥ GUMAGANON HAHA! Ganda mo sis!! Sayang talaga di nakikisama yung lighting that time :(

    1. Naku infer ok sakin yang dim lights against the light effect hahaha ;D
      Take care of yourself sis a, ikaw lalo nag aalala ako pag nagcacab ka mag isa, ako i know i can protect yourself, dapat ikaw din a! Text ng cab number lagi!

  7. I love the earcuff! Would you happen to know more shops that sell them? :)


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