BORAnagon Part 3

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You know it's gonna make it that much better
When we can say goodnight and stay together. <3 i="">
-Wouldn't It Be Nice, The Beach Boys

Soundtrack in beach-mode even though barely 10 days nalang till Christmas! My most favorite time of the year! I love that everyone's celebratory, and generous, and positive! God, I even love the fashion / style during this season! Balot-na-balot is my thingHahaha!

But before that, my final BORAnagon post! Aka, not so balot-na-balot! Haha! While editing these photos, I can't help but go sentimental on how good this year has been to me! All I did was wish, go with the flow, and adjust to things I did not expected... And everything went (beyond) fine! :)

Had a collarbone star "test-tattoo" (henna) - okay ba?

I was thinking of my 2014 goal to go to more places as a blogger, and the "universe" gave it to me. One of them is this Boracay trip with old and new friends. In these photos, I was wearing ALL-CESA - from the water color fringe cover up, black 50s Monroe-ish cut swimsuit, and my insta-accessories metallic tattoos! Visit for your early summer shopping! I am happy to discover this brand that is willing to cater to all body types. I felt really good in their one piece, like a legit 50s curvy pin-up girl! ;)

Anyway, here's a summary of the other things I wasn't able to kwento in my other blog posts... 

We usually ride the tric to go to "civilization". 

It was raining since our first day, but no dull moments with this group. We spent HOURS in 2 Seasons Hotel for their 4 Cheese Pizza, as recommended by Angela, NA SUPER SARAP. We were so engrossed with each other's story (formed a secret circle, hehe), and forgot about the world and the fact the we were stranded. Haha! One of the trip's many highlights, for me. :)


But we didn't go all-out fancy, we also had Andoks' in one dinner (akin lahat niyang order na yan, hehehe). Super tipid, but perf. Especially umuulan, the sinigang was the BEST!

Boracay fruit shakes for life! I think we had one for each day in this trip! :D Safe ako, mango lang palagi:

And, of course, manggang hilaw with Pax:

In fairness naman, we were given kahit 2-3 hours of sun during our stay. Pag ganyan, takbo agad to swim or take our OOTDs. Mas lumamang si OOTD. Haha! Thank you to @christineliwag for taking my photos!

Spider House chill afternoon (till night) with girly drinks and fruit shakes.

And, of course, what is Boracay without the usual nightlife? :D Spent two nights in Station 4--a new bar with really good drinks, and also partied in Epic. I tried, guys! I tried! Hahaha! 

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BORAnagon Part 2

Special thanks to Air Asia Philippines, Crown Regency Hotels, and Ms. Ana of PenserQ PR for this trip!
For more info and updates, visit Crown Regency Hotels Website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @crown_regency, and Instagram @crownregencyhotels.


  1. Spotted my drunk photo! Hahaha. Ka-miss. Can't wait for round 2. Lol.

  2. I wish I could go to Boracay soon! Hihi. Love your blog btw!


    1. Yehey thank you! :) Yes, wishing this with you :)

  3. Ughh I hate this post. Bigla ako nag crave ng manggang hilaw!


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