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Friday, January 06, 2017

One of the best things about South Korea is that they also love their coffee! ☕

You'll see this in their K-Dramas where most date scenes and meet-ups are held in cafes. I am listing Descendants of the Sun's Dal.Komm Coffee, Cheese In The Trap's Coffee Bay, and The Heirs' Mango Six as my next coffee destinations when I go back to Seoul this May. You can even create a cafe-hopping itinerary when you go to Korea!

Lots of cute cafes along Hongdae:

Dal.Komm Coffee scenes in Descendants of the Sun:

During my recent trip, most of my meals were in coffee shops. I realized that it saves time as I can eat my lunch or dinner and then have my usual post-meal Americano or latte in the same place. I also get to experience a part of their culture, especially when I encounter a themed cafe!

Listing some of the coffee breaks I had from my two Korea trips last year:

Aid Cafe - Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Take a break from shopping around the indie shops in Dongdaemun's art gallery, or have a coffee while waiting for sunset to view the popular LED Rose Garden.

Baobab in Petite France

Named after a famous icon in The Little Prince, Baobab in Petite France serves pastries and potato wedges other than iced and hot coffee. Bought a cup for the Little Prince print! 😍

Bau House Dog Cafe

My first time in a dog cafe was in Korea's famous Bau House in Hongdae. No entrance fees, you just have to buy a cup of coffee so you can play and "hangout" with the dogs. They're all super cute and friendly!


Included good ol' Starbucks in this list because I LOVE their Spring special edition cherry blossom PINK cup and flavored coffee! 🌸 Photo taken in Starbucks Namsan Tower.

 Hello Kitty Cafe

My favorite part inside the Hello Kitty Island in Jeju.


Cafe inside Everland Resort

A favorite snack in this theme park, my friend and I randomly bought 2 pieces of churros with hot coffee before heading for the line to the T-Express, one of the world's highest wooden roller coaster!!!

Cafe Delmoondo

A very warm coffee shop by the beach, where I had my first dinner in Jeju.

Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe

Another must-visit for animal and coffee lovers when in Hongdae is this unique sheep cafe! Like Bau House, just order a coffee so you can have access to their cute sheep stable.

 Starry Night Cafe

Not just a coffee shop, Starry Night Cafe has a stage for live performances and a mini exhibit of old radio and other audio devices. Pretty neat place to hangout after going around the Play K-pop!

Droptop Cafe

Very homey, vintage interiors, I chanced upon this cafe while waiting for my flight at the Jeju Airport. All Droptop Cafes show themes related to the regional characteristics of its location, and hosted a fair-share of K-Drama scenes too!

photo above from

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun for Droptop Cafe:


Another waiting game coffee break at the airport. Angel.In.Us cafe appeared as the backdrop of Oh My Venus' popular "Umbrella Kiss" scene!

Going back this May with the family! What other K-Drama / themed cafes in Korea will you recommend? ☕🍵

Leaving you with Cheon Song Yi's kopi selfie! Hehehe.

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  1. Everything looks so pretty! <3 South Korea is awesome. Thanks for this list ate ana! :))

    xoxo, rae

  2. Visit Coffee Prince Cafe :)

  3. wow i really love this!
    thanks for the list :)

  4. Very nice! I'll try the hello kitty café and the sheep café when I go back soon! Thank you! :)
    -JM (wandering_jm)

  5. waaaahhh hoping to at least visit one of the cafes in Korea you have suggested ❤ thank u for the list ✨

    1. Thank you also! :) I'm sure you'll get to visit these also soon!

  6. Dal.Komm is also on Goblin! I hope to be able to visit it someday. That, and Olive Chicken. Haha! :)

    1. Onga noh! Goblin!!! Will try Dal.Komm when I get back to Seoul!!

  7. Where does angel in us coffee shop is located ? Its in my list to visit 2nd is the coffee shop in coffee prince :)

    1. Sorry not sure where the O My Venus scene was shot, but I had the Angel In Us coffee in Jeju Airport :)

      Placing the Coffee Prince on my list!

  8. Hi can i ask where does angel in us coffee is located? Where they took the umbrella kiss scene in Oh My Venus ? Thank u in advance :)


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