My 2014 Year-Ender + New Blog Look

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FIRST OF ALL: What do you think of my blog's new look? :) Made everything simple, easy, and more "me". Leaving the "Fashionista Commuter" title out will take a lot of getting used to. Nakakasenti and nakakamiss, but also exciting! Do check out even my About section, cinareer ko pati yan, haha! 

Year-ender! Had to create another one, year after year, just so I have an assignment (a mission!) to look back at each month of the past year, and realize all the blessings 2014 has given me. A practice of gratitude! Made it a bit more challenging by posting fewer favorites for every month (coz kung ako lang, lalahatin ko talaga hanggang mag mala nobela tong blog post nato! Haha!). So! Here goes...


I still can't believe it has been a year already... Di na ako nakamove on! Lol. I will never forget New Year's Eve in New York City, where I started the year freezing but feeling ECSTATIC along with my sisters (the 3-Go) roaming around the streets around Times Square while waiting for the ball drop. I also spent my 28th birthday in the States, and then, after almost 2 months of vacation, went home to a 2-page magazine feature. Great start, 2014, great start...


I have to say, one of the BEST music festivals I've attended this year is 7107! The Clingies had a roadtrip to Pampanga to witness several local and international bands in our own version of Coachella. Aside from the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers, I must say MEETING a member of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus while buying merch from their stall was EPIC! Your Guardian Angeeeel! Hehe. Luhaan ang emo kid in me from circa 2006-2007!


One time someone asked me for my FAVORITE EVENT EVER, and one of my top-of-minds is this Dove Event. Aside from the special treatment in Sofitel (no less!), we also had photo shoots and empowering conferences on self-love. Best (2-day) event everrr!


Summer started early for me, when I won Ayos Dito's Summer Siren hotel accommodation + Zambales beach party passes. Went with 2 of my closest high school friends on a road trip, and spent our 2 days there just being champion beach bums. Also, surprising dad during his 60th birthday by bringing all our family and friends in one venue is a memory that still warms my cheesy heart.


Early 2014, I was also busy with my MadTV hosting gigs, and my most favorite assignment with the Madhouse group was our out-of-town coverage for Century Tuna Superbods in Boracay. Co-hosted the segment with the David Guison, who is really wacky and riot IRL.


June kicked-off another school year with my fashion club, so it was busy but productive Thursdays with Miss Ana again. It was also during this month when I finally bought a Macbook Pro, after years of using jurassic PC and a 2nd hand laptop. Money came from hard-earned cash, and so far I think this is one of my best investments for the year.

Aside from that, themostepicshithappenedtome when Cornetto contacted me to WATCH AND MEET TAYLOR SWIFT LIVE FOR HER RED TOUR CONCERT IN MANILA (all caps para mas intense, lol). I don't know what or why, but I must have done something good to be chosen for this limited gig... I saw that even friends of artistas were not allowed inside the meet-and-greet hall. Thank you Selecta Cornetto!!! Felt like reuniting with an old friend, haha!


I guess the most special thing that happened to me last July was being introduced to the normcore style, and actually finding myself in it. At home ako when I wear comfortable clothes, so it's a big thing that sneakers, slides, shirts, and simple clothes all became trends this year. Naging acceptable mag sneakers sa events, WOOT! Haha! Also, I had a BLAST eating, swimming, drinking, laughing, and even crying with these girls during our Luxent Hotel staycation. One of my best hotel overnights this year, and to think 3 pieces lang kami niyan!


August was a colorful month: went to Zambales for trekking and surfing and stayed in a cool hippie hostel, watched the EPIC Air Supply concert that brought so many good tears and feelz while I sang along with their classics (Here I Am, All Out of Love, etc), and I also taught crafting during the first Instax DIY Day - a big thing for me as a teacher and most especially as a big fan of the brand. :)


Another memorable concert: throwback night while singing On Bended Knee with BoyzIIMen. Also last September, a big deal in my whole blogging career happened when I signed for Sun Cellular as one of their first blogger brand ambassadors. Felt sooo proud and honored to be part of this family, thank you!


The month that started it all! How I was almost always never home during the latter part of the year, haha! "Adventure is out there" felt like my motto last October, when I went to Baguio for ukay, art, and food trip, and Baler to camp and sleep with the stars next to the sea, and of course, to surf! I feel that a person can only grow when pushed to her limits, and madaming pushing ang nagaganap when traveling especially to the unfamiliar.


Although I LOVE all the past trips, I am always a "barkada girl", so obviously this trip to CamSur with my Clingies was double fun for me. We arrived and partied on a Halloween night, tried wake boarding, and slept and told secrets in our own barkada log cabin. Good times!

I also decided to change my haircut--with no second thoughts and second opinion. Liberating!


Never thought I'll have an abroad thing this year after all the over-spending, but my Ate is the best. Aside from talo niya ako sa shoppingan (mas magastos siya), she allows me to have my OOTDs, and she understands my eating preferences (vegetarianism, junk food binging pag stressed out, lol). Had shopping, culture, and food trip in Taiwan -- one of the countries I'd LOVE to go back to again because of the cheap legit sneakers and cool weather. I miss the shabu-shabu and their no-judgments fashion culture!

Like the BEST culminating activity for the travel and adventure series I had since October, I went to Boracay early this month to try reef walking, giant slides, pool surfing, and mermaid swimming. And, of course, I am happy to say that great friendships were created during this trip. :)

Did you know that it was raining during my Baler, Baguio, Camsur, Taiwan and Boracay trips, and worst--there was a threat of MALAKAS na BAGYO last Bloggers United? Heck, even when I was in New York there were constant drizzles! In short, life isn't all rainbows and sunshines, but look at the things that I can only remember when I put together a year-ender. 

If there's one thing I've learned this year, it's that NO ONE CAN RAIN ON MY PARADE. And it's true! You may meet deep-sinking rejections, be challenged by difficult people, "great" plans to you may not be reciprocated well by others, or simply you are not gonna be liked by people you like, but that's just, like, less than 10% of life! I chose to make the 90% CRAZY and RIOT and THE BEST for me. So at the end of all these, you'll look back on New Year's Eve and think, "What a year! Hashtag Blessed!" Haha!

Happy New Year, dear friends, and here's to 2015!!!
I know in my heart that it can only get better. For me, and also TO YOU. :)


  1. One thing that I love about a blog is when it is easy to navigate. Wala nang echos echos at kung anek anek. Haha and I love yours! and that's a lot of memories to be treasured! And to thinksummary lang yan. Haha also, imI'm glad that all the entries you put in each month are familiar to me because I've read thembefore here or saw them at your IG account. I felt like I've been part of your 2014 journey! :) Happy New Year to you, Ana! ❤

    1. Huhuhu thank you Glaiza for being part of my year... Hope till 2015! :) <3

  2. Nice bumping into you last time, ate Ana! You were one of the bloggers who made an impact on me this 2014 and i'm very very much grateful for that! :)) *cheesy* Anw, wishing you a happy new year. Wishing I could be like you someday. Hoho. Have a blast!! :)

    1. You too, Patty! Thank you for the love! You are young and smart, I know for sure you'll go places :)

  3. Ang ganda ganda ng blog post mo dear! Yeah, tama ka,let's look at the positive na lang not the -. Congrats sa new look ng blog mo <3

    We're blessed! Cheers to 2015! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much po!!! Thank you for reading, cheers to a new year! <3

  4. Love the new look, sis!! And I love you! <3

    Cheers to more memories this coming year!! :*

    1. Yehey, so happy for all the years of our friendship! :) Let's post-holidays celebrate! <3

    2. Yay tara! Pati na rin advanced birthday celebration mo! <3

  5. Happy New year ate ana <3
    I love the new look of your blog :)

    1. Thank you Chelsi! :) Thanks for being part of my year, especially during BU8! :)

  6. Happy New Year Ana!!! Love the new layout although mamimiss ko din yung Fashionista Commuter! Cheers to the best version of ourselves this 2015!


  8. what a productive, eventful and amazing year you had!!! grabe, ang saya!!! :D

    happy new year!
    Animated Confessions

  9. wiw! Happy New Year Ana :) Wishing to read more and more exciting entries! The first entry that I read was when u r in NY. How time flies! GBU


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