Budget Private Accommodation in Seoul | Staying in a Goshiwon

Friday, February 28, 2020

Remember when Kim Kardashian's hotel was robbed at gun-point few years ago? People were saying it was caused by posting too much information on social media. I think I really took this celebrity gossip seriously, especially whenever I am traveling solo!

Now, I only post room tours but without giving out vital details like exact address of where I am staying, and of course careful nadin na hindi mahagip my room number on my IG Story, etc. I also don't use geotags or geo locations when posting real-time. Do you have other precautions whenever you're on a solo trip?

When I posted my Seoul accommodation on my Instagram Story, I received a lot of messages asking about its exact location. I think the price really sparked interest (less than Php 1000 per night!), but I avoided answering inquiries right away and promised that I'll blog everything after the trip.

Finally! Now that I am back home, I can finally share to you my humble "home" in Seoul for winter 2020. I'll share all the details that I can remember, and then judge for yourself if it's a space that you can stay in or not. Here goes!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

First of all, I am not sure when this post will be useful again. I actually feel sad that we can't plan a Korea trip anytime soon (bye cherry blossoms and Crash Landing shooting locations! 😩) because of the NCov travel ban, but I am hoping that everything will be for the best and this will eventually die down soonest. I am just thankful that I am already back here in the Philippines before this blew up and it will be harder to fly back, but I am also praying for the people in affected areas that they may remain safe and healthy. 

For now, it's nice to finally look back on each day of my recent 20-day adventure in Korea. I will take my time to write everything per day or per activity, in the hopes that soon we can book our flights to Incheon once again. Here it goes!

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With the recent case of the corona virus, it's harder to plan for the next trip. It saddens me that a spring trip may now be out of the picture, but as they say better safe than sorry!