Iloilo Diaries Day 1: Where We Stayed + Back To Exploring My Country

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I was supposed to post just one packed blog entry for this trip, cramming all 4 full days we had in Iloilo just last week. But I am still (as usual) a trigger happy with my camera resulting to so many pictures that I want to include! 😆 Sayang naman if mastuck lang sila sa laptop diba!

I am still in the process of figuring out if this blog from hereon will become more of the tips and tricks type of webpage mirroring my favorite travel bloggers these days (no narratives, lesser photos, just direct to the point list of things to do, sample itinerary, budget, where to stay, etc), or if I will go with my old school ways: blogging everything per day ala diary style. I guess for this I will go for the latter because again, I have so much to say and nag hihinayang padin ako sa dami ng pictures ko. 😅

Nips, cuts and grazes. The problems with shaving – and how to beat them!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been shaving your legs, underarms and even certain other places for a few years now, maybe even (gasp!) a few decades…and like with most things, we get into the same old routine and the same old ways of doing things, even if those ways might not be necessarily be good for our skin.

I usually get questions on what I (as a vegetarian) eat during my trips, most especially in countries where most of their main dishes are heavy on meat. Since I usually travel in Japan and Korea, I listed some of my usual orders whenever I visit two of my favorites countries in the world!

My Shopee Haul + Monthly Shopee Payday Sale!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

If you are updated with my Instagram Stories (@anagon), you'll know how crazy I am with online shopping. I buy my groceries online, shop for most of my clothes online, and even purchase random stuff online, haha! Fellow homebodies, I'm sure a lot of you can relate! 😁

Aside from my favorite Kbeauty app Althea Korea, one of my favorite shopping apps is Shopee. Just because Shopee offers almost all the things that I need--not just from beauty or fashion finds, but LAHAT TALAGA! Haha! 

I'm sharing here some of my recent acquisitions, and yep, these are all from my Shopee shopping streak. Feel free to share to me your own Shopee Wishlist in the comment box below! ❤ I'm planning on having monthly giveaways, and might get ideas for next prizes from actual readers of this blog hehehe.

My Althea Korea Makeup and Skincare Haul (January 2019)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

I went back through my account and realized that I've been buying most of my authentic Kbeauty essentials from Althea Korea for two years now (since January 2017). My first purchase included my first Laneige skincare and makeup--copying the products that Kim Bok Joo used in the Korean drama! HAHA! 

Since then, I've come to appreciate having daily skincare routine using Korean products. I am a fan of their ingredients (they carry a lot of products targeting acne prone skin), price range (affordable, not as expensive as most western brands), cutest PACKAGING, and of course the fact that they are very very EFFECTIVE. I haven't gone to a facial clinic for a while now and I'd like to think having lesser acne and breakouts were results of my dedication to Korean multi skincare steps every night.

WINTER IN KOREA: Things To Do + Winter Outfit Tips

Monday, January 07, 2019

Your tropical girl here used to think that snow is only during December (because Christmas = Snow lols), but now I realized that winter in Korea stretches till February. In short, pwede pa humabol ngayon din! Hehe!

I experienced some of the best winter moments in my life during my Korea birthday trip last January 2018 (my first snow though was in 2013 in the US with my family). Beautiful snowfall in Seoul, sliding in ice, warm facial and massage while it's cold outside, and even tried skiing for the very first time! 

If you have flights booked this month or next, or itching to go spontaneous and book tickets right about now, here are some winter activities you should check out on your Great Winter in Korea Trip!

Invisible Money 2018 + My New Iponing Challenge for 2019

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

I almost forgot about this Money Challenge that I started New Year of 2018. I remembered it now lang when my Ate shared a new Money Challenge that we will try for this year... I will also share this later in this post. 

But before that! Let me share to you muna how my Invisible Money Challenge for 2018 went, and kung ano nga ba sya, san ko gagamitin yung money, etcetera. Naisip ko lang gawin nading blogpost since nakakuha ako ng good feeback sa money counting on my Instagram Stories.. saktong clickbait material! Big lol! 😂😂✌️

First blog post of 2019! ❤

How was your New Year's Eve celebration?? We went to our cousin's house just a few blocks away from ours, had our dinner, watched Bird Box, reminisced our Christmas and New Year in the US several years ago, watched my pamangkin play the piano, and by 10pm, our family rushed back to our own house to prepare for our Korean media noche!

I didn't bother to finish this na before my usual year-ender post. But it's nice to say that FINALLY! We are down to my last Eastern Europe trip travel blog!

In here we will explore the city of Krakow in Poland, our last stop for the backpacking adventures before we headed back to our relatives in Oslo for about 2 days, and then finally head back to Manila. Here's how those last few days in Europe went down. Oh how time really flies by when you're having fun!