Unilever Beauty Shopee Self-Care Essentials

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Waiting for great deals online? Save the date on your calendars, and score unbelievable shopping finds of up to 50% off on your Unilever Beauty self-care essentials only at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival!

Here are some of the products I have on my cart:

TRESemmé Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Keratin Smooth for Dry and Frizzy Hair 620ml Bundle - PHP 1003

Achieve straighter hair with this duo. Formulated with KERA10 PROTEIN COMPLEX, this hair straightener shampoo cleanses thoroughly and deeply penetrates dry and frizzy hair, giving you 10 salon benefits in one wash. 

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Hydrated Skin with NutriumMoisture™ Technology 1L - PHP 326

Crafted with NUTRIUM MOISTURE™ TECHNOLOGY and mild cleansers that deliver natural nutrients to the skin, this body wash will help your maintain your skin’s moisture barrier as you cleanse. 

POND's Bright Hydrating Serum Burst Cream for Glowing Skin 20g - PHP 126

A light cream that transforms into a burst of 1000 potent serum droplets that contains: 

- Gluta-Boost Essence - giving 10x more brightening potency than Vitamin C; boosting the skin’s natural Glutathione to help brighten up skin and fade dark spots 

- Vitamin B3+ - reducing dullness and minimizing the appearance of visible pores 

- Hyaluronic Acid - attracting moisture into the skin for intense hydrating and plumping effect

Don't forget to check out Unilever Beauty at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival. Happy Shopping!

5 reasons why Pau-Pau is the bestie you need

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Don’t be BAMBOOzled! Pau-Pau may be from an imaginary mystical land, but this furry panda’s got what it takes to be your new bestie, and we’ve made a list to prove why he’s a keeper!

He understands the struggle

The dilemma when the craving strikes and there’s nothing in the fridge to match your tummy’s desires? He knows the struggle well. This made him turn into the friend we know now, who ensures everyone’s faves are accessible and readily available!

Gelliemae Obena and Pau-Pau chills out with some greenery

Lumos Ray Home Theater Projector Review

Monday, April 25, 2022

Did you also went through home improvements and makeovers? From constantly traveling, then suddenly being stuck at home, I now make sure that I enjoy my own room and have everything that I need here.

I have a new personal home project, which is to have my own entertainment room. After countless Kdramas and online concerts, I think it's high time to have even a simple home theater! We are still decluttering and making space, but an entertainment room must always start with a huge screen and good sound system. 

The power of a good projector: Realistic concert experience, "window", etc.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol, a trusted Filipino brand that provides high-quality and affordable alcohol products from Philusa Corporation, extends its effort in reducing ocean-bound plastic waste as it partners with social enterprise Plastic Bank Corporation.

Lista challenges every Filipino to create savings goals with new features

Friday, April 22, 2022

Lista, a financial management tool for small business owners, freelancers and individuals, has launched the Ipon Challenge, which encourages every Filipino to set savings goals through their newest features - the Savings and Sales Target.

Fort San Pedro Cebu

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Before my flight, I decided to check out one last tourist spot in Cebu. There are several recommendations when you search for where to go around the city, but I haven't been to Fort San Pedro so I went for it. 

Refresh The Sound Of Summer With LG AUDIO

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means - it’s time to party (responsibly, of course). The best place to catch up with friends and family in a socially responsible way is to hold the gathering at the comfort of home. Having house events, whether it’s a pool party, a karaoke contest, or a simple catching up session, lets you celebrate while maintaining safety as a priority.

Charlie's Cup: Mountain View Cafe in Cebu

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

You can always drink your cup of coffee inside your hotel room or in a nearby coffee shop, but when I saw a photo of Charlie's Cup in a Cebu blogger friend's Instagram account--I was enticed by the view that you can enjoy with your iced latte. 

A 7-year-old superfan gets a wholesome birthday surprise from Pau-Pau

Monday, April 18, 2022

foodpanda’s official mascot, Pau-Pau, has been making rounds on social media, garnering attention due to his adorable look and quirky nature since his introduction early in January.

The admiration for the character has reached new heights, with the furry panda capturing the hearts of young fans. This is particularly true for Pau-Pau superfan Kicho whose only birthday wish was to own a Pau-Pau stuffed toy. But his expectations were exceeded when foodpanda surprised the now 7-year-old with a full-blown Pau-Pau-themed birthday party.

Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Flower Garden in Cebu

Friday, April 15, 2022

Another year without a spring trip, I made sure to look for a place where the flowers bloom when I had the opportunity to travel for work in Cebu (back story here). 

On My Shopee Beauty Cart: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansers Travel Pack from Johnson & Johnson

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Excited for new travels in the coming weeks! Here are products I am planning to bring on my next destination, coz our skin needs more care when we're on the go!

#FacetheScience with Johnson & Johnson's newest launch, Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansers Travel Pack this April 18 only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight. 

What's your favorite Neutrogena product?

Travel Bucket List: My Dream Vacations 2022

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Do you have any plans of traveling this year?

Little by little, I am so glad that we're back to traveling again. I missed the thrill of planning for a trip, looking for new places to visit, or even old places where we can create new experiences. Booking good hotel deals and low fares were my insta-happiness! It feels nice that we can do this again--browse airlines and accommodation sites till wee hours of the day, and have something to look forward to. 

I started with local travels, including flying twice to Boracay for my solo travels. And recently, I also went to Cebu for a blog travel event. Before we knew it, it's already a quarter of 2022! So here's to hoping that in the succeeding months we can finally fly (or cruise!) internationally.

4 things to prep for your best summer yet

Ready to catch waves and lounge on the sand under the sun? Time to prep and get a dose of vitamin sea. It’s Pau-Pau’s first summer, and he’s ready to make it the most memorable one yet with the help of amazing deals. 

Here’s a list to help you get you into the summer mood:

Today is the perfect time to upgrade your closet for summer styles. Check out these perfect everyday inspiration from Penshoppe!

 Leading real estate developer BRIA Homes recently opened another corporate headquarters situated on the 8th floor of Vista Mall in Las Piñas, a propitious milestone that marks the company’s exemplary growth and achievements in the housing industry.

BRIA’s new home office is at Alabang-Zapote Road, smack-dab in the highly urbanized city of Las Piñas.

Game Day with the Chingus: Timezone Robinsons Place Manila Launch

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Pre-Instagram and Facebook, my childhood friends and I will constantly go to Glorietta 4 to catch a movie, hangout in Starbucks, take neoprints (photo stickers), and of course play in Timezone! Timezone has really been a favorite entertainment site for me through the years. I remember one time when we played the crane non-stop till everybody gets a plushie! 😂

Constantly striving to introduce various innovations and exciting concepts to complete the FUN experience, Timezone opens their biggest (in Manila) and newest branch at 2nd level of Robinsons Place Manila Pedro Gil wing. My friends and I made sure to visit the launch for some nostalgic fun!

With Pax, Ava, Paul, and Ruthie

Cheers to the First Craft Beer Night in Lipa, Batangas!

Friday, April 08, 2022

The launch of the 1st ever CRAFT BEER NIGHT at LIPA CITY, BATANGAS last weekend of April 1 & 2 at 3 Peaks Resort & Boutique Hotel marked the rise of awareness of the Local Lipenos to support Locally brewed Craft Beers.

On My Shopee Beauty Cart: SILKA

"Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra!"

Alagang Silka helps achieve smoother skin naturally. It effectively lightens and smoothens skin complexion, the perfect products if for your project GLOW UP without busting your budget. 

Up you awra game with exclusive Silka deals only on SHOPEE!


Here's a one-day, Shopee exclusive promo with the #1 hair color brand in the USA, Revlon. Shop the NEW Revlon Urban Style shades in Truffle Ash and Rose Sorbet, and get a FREE Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lipstick!

7 Sandbars in the Philippines You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Thursday, April 07, 2022

The blazing summer heat has arrived in the Philippines! The humid, scorching climate calls for chilled drinks, turning on the air conditioning, and taking a dip in the pool or beach. With quarantine restrictions relaxing, traveling to the country’s hidden jewels and most-prized respites is now possible and safer.

And if you’re looking for a serene and refreshing environment to relax from your house for rent in Manila worth 5k or a house for rent in Cagayan de Oro, a trip to the Philippines’ beaches might do the trick. These award-winning beaches and resorts not only boast pristine sand and picturesque sunsets, but they also have stunning sandbars!

That said, here are seven must-visit sandbars in the Philippines perfect for summer:

Palad Sandbar (Marinduque)

Photo from Palad Sandbar- Marinduque, Philippines Facebook Page

Marinduque is a Holy Week hotspot due to the Moriones Festival, a lenten festival replicating the imperial garb of the Roman Empire and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But did you know that the province has smaller islands where oceanic paradises? One prime example is the Palad Sandbar in Maniwaya Island.      

This sandbar has subtle gray-toned sand that complements the surrounding aquamarine waters. Despite being smaller than other popular sandbars in the Philippines, Palad Sandbar offers a secluded yet refreshing setting to visitors. In addition, it is best to go to the sandbar early morning to see the glory of its naturally crafted sand islet better. 

Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary and Sandbar (Masbate)

Photo from Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary & Sandbar Facebook Page

Sandbars aren’t just beautiful vacation spots and a social media-worthy photography hub. They’re also essential to many coral reef ecosystems since several fish and marine species depend on these long strips of sand for survival, fertility, and sustainability. One such beauty that contributes to the Philippine seas’ continuity is the Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate.

Sprawling 100 hectares in the Mobo Bay of Masbate, Buntod Sandbar is the ideal getaway spot for those who need to be away from anything urban and concrete. Nature lovers may visit this sandbar and reef system to see human efforts to benefit tourism, the people of Masbate, and the Philippines’ natural treasures.

Ditaytayan Island (Palawan)

Photo by Dustin W. on Foursquare

Hailed as one of the best islands in the world, Palawan is a quintessential summer destination. The island offers many beach paradises such as Coron and El Nido that will surely make your Holy Week vacation memorable and worth every penny. But if you’re looking for something more pristine and remote, then the Ditaytayan Island sandbar awaits you.

Located in the Calamian Islands right off the coast of Coron Bay, Ditaytayan Island’s sandbar has a triangular shape comprising fine white sand. The tip of the triangle sand bar meets an islet covered in greeneries, while turquoise waters surround the rest. And despite being in a sunny spot, Ditaytayan Island’s waters and sand bar are perfect for taking morning dips and swimming as the surrounding sea is cool and relaxing.

Panumbagan Sandbar (Sorsogon)

Photo from Sorsogon 101 Facebook Page

Another marine sanctuary in the south of Luzon worth vacationing in is the Panumbagan Sandbar in Pilar, Sorsogon. It stretches into a fork-like shape, with its prongs varying from long strips of white sand to lush thickets of trees and plants. In fact, Panumbangan Sandbar’s  unique shape and serene surroundings are two factors that made it one of the must-visit spots in Sorsogon.

Additionally, Panumbagan Sandbar isn’t just known for its beauty. Underneath the waters surrounding the sand bar is a complex reef system that houses and nurtures several species of fish and other marine life. In fact, Panumbagan is abundant with sea grapes (lato) and sea urchins (uni), two marine ingredients used in some exotic dishes. With the abundance of sea, double-tap-worthy spots, and seafood, you’ll surely have a guilt-free and enjoyable lent vacation experience at Panumbagan Sandbar.

Seco Island (Antique)

Photo from Seco Island Tour Facebook Page

Sometimes, “larger” doesn’t always mean “better.” Take Seco Island’s sandbar in Antique Province as an example. Its stretch of white sand spans only 1.5 kilometers long but has a unique elbow shape that looks stunning in aerial or drone shots. The surrounding sapphire waters are also shallow enough for your “tampisaw” moments.

Besides being a breathtaking island and sandbar, Seco Island is also a popular kiteboarding site. Strong winds propel boarders to a height of up to 150 ft above water! From your Bacolod apartment for rent, plan your next kiteboarding adventure at Seco Island in Antique. 

Bulubadiangan Island (Iloilo)

Photo by PaintedCarpet on Wikimedia Commons

Seeking the perfect oasis-like vacation spot near your house and lot for sale in Iloilo City or Iloilo condominium? Bulubadiangan Island in Concepcion, Iloilo is the right sandbar destination for you. The island has a long stretch of fine white sand that rivals Boracay Island’s and Palawan’s bucolic sea respites. Taking a stroll on the sand will feel like having a warm foot massage.

Bulubadiangan Island also provides stunning wide-angle views of Mount Panaphag and thickets of trees. Set a time in the afternoon to admire such a view from your accommodation window or balcony. You’ll have a soft and romantic look of the horizon kissing the sea and greeneries; such a view will surely make you want to come back to Bulubadiangan Island.

Naked Island (Surigao del Norte)

Photo by Lee on Flickr

Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte is a favorite surfing spot due to its waves of various speeds and heights. But lying on the fringes of the surfing capital is Naked Island, a sandbar paradise created by nature for swimming and surfing!

Now, Naked Island isn’t named so because it is a naked beach. The sandbar respite is called “naked” due to it not having any buildings or inhabitants on it. In a way, the bareness of the large patch of white sand in the middle of the ocean provides a feeling of being small in a big and breathtaking world.

Sandbars are unique natural formations that add texture and color to the Philippines’ seas. Their uniqueness makes them well-loved vacation spots by locals and tourists. Plus, their surrounding cooling waters give a refreshing feel during hot summer days. Consider visiting these seven beautiful sandbars and experience the ocean like never before on your next vacation!


On My Shopee Beauty Cart: Organic Skin Japan

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

From skincare to makeup, most of my purchases are from Shopee Beauty. They have most of my favorite brands, and offer new discoveries to when I am feeling experimental and wanted to try new products.

One of my Shopee Beauty discovery is Organic Skin Japan. They are a skincare brand that uses all natural and safe ingredients, specially formulated in Japan to produce quality products. Organic Skin Japan uses simple yet powerful ingredients that are approved by the FDA, and at affordable price.

Last week, I was invited to attend an event in Cebu. It was a quick overnight trip to cover Cebu Pacific Air's celebration of their 200 Millionth Juan, so after all the festivities, I decided to extend my stay for a day. 

I've been to Cebu several times pre-pandemic, and really enjoyed the city's variety of offerings. Aside from Korea, Cebu is a place I am comfortable traveling solo. From historical sites, to local restaurants and cafes, to Instagram worthy locations, it's no wonder most of my favorite Korean celebrities choose to go to Cebu for their vacation trips! 

I've also stayed in several hotels while in the sunny south, but have a new favorite that I discovered because of this trip. Till now, I've been raving about Summit Galleria Cebu to my mom in the hopes of returning with the fam. Hopefully this summer? :)

Movie nights are so much easier to plan with pandamart

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Looking to start traditions with the fam-bam or binge this award season’s stellar catalog? Make these moments complete by being pandaSmart with pandamart.

#CEB200MJuans: Where will you go if you win unlimited domestic flights for a year?

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Now that we are starting to unpause our travel plans, as promised earlier on, I will support our local tourism first. 

During the past 2 years, I've been to Boracay, Mindoro, and recently Cebu. The question is, since summer is just around the corner, where do we fly next?

During my recent flight to Cebu, something exciting happened for the 200 Millionth Cebu Pacific passenger!

Here are the top 5 destinations on my list:

LEGAZPI - For the food, and to see the Mayon Volcano!

BACOLOD - Will also go for the food (sweets!), and to see the Ruins and some of Bacolod's resorts

CORON & PUERTO PRINCESA - To revisit my favorite beaches!

DAVAO - I've been to Davao around a decade ago. Would love to get reacquainted to this beautiful city, and maybe meet with friends there too!

One of my early leisure travels post-college in 2009! I went to Davao with a friend for her work.

All these destinations are included in the 33 domestic flights of Cebu Pacific Air. 

Our country's leading airline expects to restore over 100% of its pre-pandemic domestic capacity by April 2022. 

During our flight to Cebu late March of 2022, you can really feel the easing of pandemic travel restrictions with more passengers and lesser travel pre-requisites. For Cebu, travel requirements are back to just your airline ticket and a valid ID. I made sure to still bring my vaccination card, just in case. 

In front of our assigned gate, they gave away these souvenirs to all passengers of the new A330 NEO aircraft.

They also announced that something special is going to happen onboard!

On my third flight since the pandemic, I also finally mustered the courage to eat onboard. Cebu Pacific's egg sandwich is yummmy!

And finally, on that same flight from Manila to Cebu, we also witnessed the awarding of Cebu Pacific Air's 200 Millionth Juan: Salbert Garces! He was on his way home to Cebu via the airline’s newest and most eco-friendly aircraft, not knowing he will receive the surprise of his life by winning Unlimited Domestic Flights for a year!

Read Salbert Garces, or Bhagz's winning story on his Facebook post.

Aside from this coveted prize for every traveler, it was also an honor to be personally awarded by Cebu Pacific president and CEO Lance Gokongwei. Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific vice president for Marketing and Customer Experience, and Alexander Lao, chief strategy officer of Cebu Pacific were also there during the awarding event at the Mactan Airport.

So happy to see my Cebu blogger friends during the event! Hello Sinjin, Marco, Doyz, Vanessa, and Karlo!

Congrats Mr. Garces! Excited for your year to be filled with adventures with Cebu Pacific Air!

Follow Cebu Pacific Air for the latest promos and updates. 

Book your flights via