Seoul Forest + Ewha Uni + Insadong + Cheonggyecheon Stream

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Down to our last full day in Korea, we decided to go to one of the parks from our research to check out the cherry blossom trees (since that's the ultimate purpose of this Spring trip!). 

Hello there! Spring is my current favorite season. Perfect weather, perfect view!

Gangnam + Hongdae + Dongdaemun

Monday, June 20, 2016

What I miss most in Korea are the unique store-front displays. They are inspiring, and definitely enticing. While I was there, it was easy to imagine my own ANAGON fashion store! 

Korea also thought me to swatch a lot of lipstick and cushion foundations because of their many makeup stores! If you're going to Korea to shop... Then list down these places on your itinerary!

My two favorites in one well-crafted drink: Ice Cream and Coffee! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is giving us something new and exciting to try through their Ice Cream Ice Blended® Drinks.

Namsan Park + N Seoul Tower

After the DMZ tour, and after Paul left for the airport (huhu), Tracy and I decided to just maximize whatever we can see in our area. I really recommend staying at the New Sun Guesthouse while in Korea because it is not only near Myeongdong, but also in two of Korea's tourist spots Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower!

Korea DMZ Tour

Friday, June 17, 2016

DMZ is the buffer zone between North and South Korea, the border where negotiations take place. It is also one of our "let's see!" in our Korea itinerary.

First, I realized that we needed to book the tour in advance - legally speaking we can't go on our own thus the need for a tour group. Second, I fear that it might not be as safe as what the Internet is telling us. And third, worth it ba sa presyo?

Anyway, I went for it nonetheless because as always I asked myself my biggest travel question: if not now when? We booked through our inn keeper, who called Sun Burst Korea agency around 24 hours before our planned date. Before we knew it, we were set for pick-up by our tour guide directly at our guesthouse at around 7:30 in the morning the next day. Agad agad.

SM Woman Three-Day Fashion Festival (Day 2)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

It has been a while since I dressed up for an occasion! SM Woman, one of my favorite stylish and accessible local brands of all time, debuts a new and improved look in a three-day fashion festival!

This was my "ootd" for the event - Hi heels, it has been a while! :D

Road Trip to Pampanga with Shell V-Power Nitro+

Monday, June 13, 2016

There is no denying that traveling is big right now. We travel hopefully not just to post good photos on Instagram, but also to widen our perspectives and experiences. 

It is recommend that we see (or experience) something new at least once a month. But because flying isn't always possible (with busy schedules and financial constraints), I am glad that we can always take a road trip!

B Hotel Staycation in Quezon City

Sunday, June 12, 2016

 "I want a vacation from this vacation!"

I find this statement funny but true. I wish to live a life traveling every year, but with that I'll still need days (or even months) off to hibernate, relax, and to actually absorbs everything. My room is my office, so a hotel staycation - with no agendas and itineraries - is the perfect break for me. 

My recent one is at the B Hotel in Quezon City

UNIQLO Gift Guide for Father's Day

Time really flies, did you know that exactly next week it's Father's Day again? Don't panic, I know it's hard to get something for the number 1 man of your life who seems like he won't need anything anymore. UNIQLO has prepared a special gift guide for the different types of super dads - all guaranteed to be highly functional, durable, and innovative. 

What else is there to expect from this Japanese brand?!

SW Customized Jewelry

The leading retailer of sterling silver in the country, Silverworks has always been Filipinos' go-to silver jewelry store. Back in high school, my friends and I go here to buy a cute, new pair of silver stud earrings because of the good quality and affordable price range. The brand has evolved through the years, and has now become a part of our everyday stories. 

To make them even more personal and dear to us, Silverworks created a specialized brand that will allow you to IMAGINE, DESIGN, and CREATE the jewelry that you want: the SW Customized Jewelry store.

Gigi Hadid x Penshoppe

Saturday, June 11, 2016

“Hey guys! It’s Gigi Hadid and I’m so excited to announce that I am the new face of Penshoppe." 

"I had so much fun shooting this campaign and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Hope to see you soon."

And just like that, the well-guarded secret that Penshoppe has been keeping from everyone is finally revealed.

Everland Resort Korea

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I've heard all sorts of thing when it comes to Korean theme parks! This got me super excited for our Day 4, which we spent the whole day in the famous Everland Resort. 

Gising na ba kayo guys? Haha!

This band barkada proves that dreams do come true. After almost a year since they won the first Greenwich #UltimateBandkada competition, the B-Boys are still making sweet sweet music together.

What's New: Events and Happenings

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Went to different brand launch and celebrations the past weeks. Also, discovered new products through "blogger mail" that I think you guys will be interested in. Sharing some of them to you in this post!

Formal outfit for last night's Singapore Airlines event:

Things To Do In Baguio

You now know where to stay in Baguio, what else is there to do while you're in the City of Pines? Here are some of the spots and cafes that we tried during our trip.

M&M’S® Red wins in VOTE M&M’S® 2016 CAMPAIGN

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The votes are in and after a month of exciting campaigning and competition, M&M’S® Red has won the Vote M&M’S® 2016 campaign!

Happy dance!

Three Essentials for a Stylish Summer

With summer in full swing, you are probably dreaming about your upcoming vacation to you beach. And even if you don't have one planned, it doesn't mean tat you can't still have a blast enjoying the warm weather at home. This summer bohemian is back and you won't go wrong with feminine lingerie-inspired dresses and anything with tons of flowing elements. These laid-back styles inspired by the 1970's are perfect for a carefree, yet decidedly stylish summer. So go ahead and turn on the Stevie Nicks while you try on these three hot trends to get you through the warm summer months. 

Silk Slip Dresses 

Beat the heat this summer in a slip dress. No longer is the slip just something to be worn under another dress. This summer lacy undergarments are all the rage. These ultra feminine, silky dresses are great for hot summer days and can be easily taken from day to night by pairing a cool leather jacket or killer heels. 


Another great trend for summer 2016 is the return of the ruffle. The Spring runway was full of ruffles, which could be found on dresses, tops, and even skirts. The look is a great way to add texture and movement to an outfit. The lightweight material is also great for warm weather. Pair a floral ruffled top with skinny denim cutoffs for the perfectly styled summer look.

Crochet and Tie Dye Cover Ups

When it comes t beach wear, 1970's-inspired fashion is easy to find this season. Try pairing your favorite bikini with a fun cover up. Peak Boutique sells a great line of South Beach swimwear, which includes tie dye kimonos. This unique take on the kimono looks great for hanging out by the beach or pool. The open style also allows you to continue showing off your swimsuit. They also carry a beautiful floral crochet cover-up dress, which is great for throwing on over a bathing suit when you need to be more demure. 

With these three bohemian fashion trends, you will be ready to take on Summer 2016 in style.

Where To Stay In Baguio

I always catch myself recommending Azalea Residences Baguio to families, friends, and acquaintances who are planning to visit the "Summer Capital of the Philippines". With good service and beautiful facilities, I always have good memories with Azalea - From my Baguio trip in 2014, to Azalea Boracay last year. They've become top-of-mind for group travels!

This Baguio trip gave me more reasons to love the northern city and Azalea.