How to Throw a K-Drama Party!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Annyeong, Chingus!

I can't believe Korean Actor Nam Joo Hyuk's fan meet is almost a week ago! As mentioned in my blog post, my friends and I decided to hold a sleepover the night before the event since most of us live far from the venue in Kia Theater Cubao. We want to be so ready for this once in a lifetime thing! 😀

Since we already booked a hotel room (thank you for treating us, Kookie!), we decided to go all-out and turn it into our very first Korean Drama Night!! 💥

Not a lot of people knows this, but I love basketball! I used to watch college basketball a lot (fan girl parin, haha!), and even played for Milo Best and our school team when I was in Grade School!

Good news to fellow sports enthusiasts! Toby's Sports, the largest multi-brand retailer in the Philippines, announces their first National Sports and Fitness Day on October 1, 2017! This celebration is created to promote the positive benefits of sports and fitness to Filipinos of all ages!

Myanmar Day 4: More of Bagan

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

And so our Myanmar adventure continues!

For Day 4, we have another whole day in Bagan ahead of us before our night bus to Yangon. I had zero plans on the list already, while a trip to Mandalay or another part of Myanmar sounds great, sched is already tight and tiring. I can't spend another 5-hour on the road.

So Ruth and I decided to go back to Downtown Bagan and just ask for recommendations and other things to do in the area. That's one of my fave things in traveling, there are times when you don't have to be super OC with your itinerary. There are countries where you can just go there with zero plans, and end up doing things recommended by online friends and friendly locals. Now that I think of it, our whole Myanmar trip is built from recommendations, which is actually pretty cool!

My First Laser Teeth Whitening Experience with Affinity Dental Clinics, Alabang

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Big smile while waiting for my dentist!

Anne Curtis Launches Her Own Makeup Line

Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to make up! 

Improvement na now that I use BB Cream and sunblock every time I go out. But during lazy days, I will always resort to fuss-free, easy to use makeup products. As a celebrity with busy sched, Anne Curtis knows all about these "offs days" and decided to come up with her own "Uncomplicated Beauty" makeup line. 

I learned more about her products when I went to the launch of BLK Cosmetics last week at the fancy Manila House in BGC. More photos from the event below!

IT'S NAM JOO HYUK!!!!! Is he looking at my camera???? 

Myanmar Day 3: Where We Stayed in Bagan + Temple Hopping + When You Can't Bike in Bagan

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I woke up from our overnight bus ride, and felt that I am in a different world already even before stepping out of the bus. Hello Bagan. I checked my Google maps for our exact location, and saw that we missed our stop so we just went with the rest of the passengers to the final descent.

When we reached the bus station, a group of men in long skirts or longyi mobbed the door of our bus, offering their taxi services. Ruth and I tried to say no and would have wanted to book via UBER, but disoriented by the long travel and abrupt arrival, we decided to just take their taxi at around Php 500 for a few minutes of convenient ride to our hotel.

So finally, the ancient city of Bagan! The land so popular for its archaeological site where thousands of towering Buddhist monuments pop in the middle of a vast green land. In my opinion, you have to see this for yourself at least once in your life!

Myanmar Day 2: Hello Yangon! Quick Stay in Novotel Yangon Max + Night Bus to Bagan

Monday, September 18, 2017

I woke up to the overlapping sounds of people chatting, luggage wheels whirling, and the blaring airport PA system announcements of found passports. My vision was blurry from removing my eyeglasses to get a good sleep in a couch of a cafe in Changi International Airport, so I scrambled for it inside my backpack and checked the time on my phone. 5am.

The airport is alive again. The empty seats next to us suddenly filled up with other travellers in transit, not minding they have two girls sleeping next to them. The airport lights seem to have gotten brighter to welcome the new day, I saw my travel buddy Ruth who was sitting right in front of me took out her sunglasses and wore them to catch a bit more sleep. My earphones masked the noise of a busy airport, BUT I can't do anything with the smell of coffee and breakfast at a distance. I decided that it's time to get up.

It's another 3-hour flight to our final destination to Myanmar. The moment Ruth and I sat on our seats at the plane, I was able to sleep more soundly. I didn't even noticed our plane taking-off.

Last January, my birth month, I unexpectedly won in a raffle during Singapore Airlines' media event, which entailed one round-trip ticket to anywhere in Southeast Asia. I was bummed at first coz I just booked my Singapore airfare for the Coldplay concert, so I thought that maybe it is meant that I use this for another trip.

They gave away two passes during the event, and my co-winner is a fellow blogger and friend Ruth--now that I think of it, we used to sit down with our coffee in Figaro and talk about our different travel stories. We decided to avail our prizes together, pitching SE Asia countries we both haven't been to. We rocked back and forth in our Facebook messenger, deciding between Brunei and Myanmar. 

I am game with any since both sounds so exotic and new, but we ended up with Myanmar. I Googled and realized it is the country formerly known as "Burma", and it is where you will witness the surreal view of hot air balloons flying over countless pagodas--much like Turkey's popular photogenic destination. I am hyped!

We were able to finalize our flight scheds with Singapore Air since last March, but only had the chance to plan for our the trip with just 2 to 3 weeks left. Time is tricky and just slipped by! It was all good for me since I had no expectations whatsoever about this trip. Before we knew it, we've booked our hotel rooms, listed "must-sees" in Yangon and Bagan thanks to Facebook friends and the few blog posts written about our destinations, and have packed our bags for departure.

Planning My Room Makeover with Metro Department Store's 50% Off Storewide Promo!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I am finally home after a full week of happenings, including my best friend's wedding and an inspiring trip in Burma. And although I had a really great time, I really missed my room!! I still have a few weeks till my next travel, so I am planning to have a little space makeover para comfortable naman every time I go home and sleep in my own bed. To me, there's still no place like home!

In perfect timing, I learned that Metro Department Store is having a STOREWIDE "Sidewalk Sale" this weekend, an annual initiative where shoppers can enjoy up to 50% off on any Metro Department Store and Metro Supermarket in over 50 stores across the country! 

Here's an old OOTD wearing pieces from Metro Department Store (from clothes to accessories).

Photos from Last Night's 15th Year Celebration with Electrolux Philippines

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Last night, it was all formal and glam at the Shangrila Hotel-Fort as me and my friends attended Electrolux Philippines' evening gala Pamana (heritage) to celebrate the company's 15 years of thoughtfully designed appliances in Filipino homes.

As they say, we clean up nicely! 😀 

Hit List #001

Friday, September 01, 2017

From attending events to packages I received via mail, here's a list of products that you might want to try! ❤ 

With Ashley and Krissy during the Careline rebrand and new endorser launch: