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Coffee, Tea or Me? (my little bloggers event)

Later will be my very first pa-bloggers event! :) Geo texted me last week to invite bloggers to her boyfriend's bakeshop, and then like the typical Anagon, ideas started to pour in. I wanted a tea party set-up, include Geo's corn coffee business (She's a social entrepreneur! They produce the coffee to help the farmers in Sumilao Bukidnon :) I am proud of my friend :))...and then, throw in Anagon Collection to provide the loot bags for this pre-Halloween event! :)
So from 5 required bloggers (as said by geo), I asked if we can have more, and she said I can invite up to 10 bloggers. I didn't realize we set the date side-by-side the Phil. Fashion Week! Some people will not be able to make it, and I have few blogger contacts, so if you're nearby the venue later, do drop by! :) Text me (see invi above), and you're welcome to our little Trick or Treat! :) 
Running late! Wish me luck! Mwah!
I sent this yesterday to the invited people Cea made the invitation, galing ng kap…

Food Trip: Magic Bread Bakeshop: Vegetarian Food and Restaurant

Before heading to the early call time of my styling gig for Ipanema in the Philippine Fashion Week (thanks to Pax!!! :)), dad requested that we have lunch together in the vegetarian restaurant he has been raving to me for a long time already. Since it's on the way to SMX, I happily obliged.
Happy signs welcomed me in the restaurant's glass door, especially for someone who always struggles with non-veg friendly fast foods vs expensive vegetarian restaurants:

Cheap thrill!!!
Here's what we ordered:
Dad's ve-g meat tocino with red rice and sayote soup (P55)
I tried the ve-g meat with cream of mushroom and the ve-g bopis, with red rice. Sulit for its price! (P60)
They also have a very convenient water dispenser and condiments corner
They also sell a wide-array of cookies and other baked goodies for the health buffs:

They also have tuna chicharon (P70), toasted carrot bread (P12/pack), toasted banana bread (P20), gluten powder (P180/kg), malunggay cookies (P35), soya cookies (P35) a…

Now I know how reunions go

Sorry if I tried to rhyme my title, haha. Last Monday, I went on a very biglaan reunion with my friends from early college (we got reshuffled on our third year). These are my very first friends right after I stepped out of high school's comfort zone. I know high school barkadas last forever, but then these people helped me survive the big and cruel university life. Of course, always puno ng kalokohan!
Jam and I were first to meet in Greenbelt, so we had the say on where to hang out before the others came:
Then we watched a movie! Life As We Know It, second time around for me! Cords was late! =/
Although I have formed lots of other cliques in college, from my new block and the different orgs I've joined, I realized how I will always value these people since they were a part of my life. And like the real journalism frosh in UST that we were, we never stopped laughing that day. About our classmates kalokohan, to our professors, to our PE moments, to our class plays! ;p Typical reuni…

Store I Adore: 7 For All Mankind

I am a self-confessed cheapstake when it comes to shopping. But if there is one thing I can't trust the Ukay Ukay, Divi, or any bargain-thrill haven, it's the perfect pair of jeans. When it comes to my pants, I spend a little bit than usual--to get the right fit, length, and the most important of all: durability, especially the zipper and button!

My friend since high school Chicks, looking great in "Roxanne" jeans by Seven For All Mankind
A go-to place for premium denim finds
Seven for all Mankind is a big name as a denim brand, patronized even by Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie (my favorite, because of Salt!), and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few. Since its launch last year in the Philippines, this first-class jeans brand from California offered quality denims for men and women with different cut (bootcut, relaxed, flynt, skinny, straight) washes and fabric to suit everyone's preferences. I love their dark skinny jeans!

7 for all Mankind contin…

Store I Adore: Bóboli

Even I would love to wear their clothes! 
Step into Bóboli's neat and cute boutique in Greenbelt 5 for a wide array of the most stylish and adorable children's apparel. Their Spring-Summer Collection caters the clothing needs of children as young as newborns till kids at their 14. Best news is, they're also currently on sale!

Be greeted by these well-styled mannequins. I sure would love to have kids this fashionable!
This silver long jacket is just perfect for the season! P3, 960.- 
Nautical pieces for your young ones!
Racks and racks of clothes with detailed designs and good construction.

They also offer adorbs footwear! :)  P1, 050, currently on sale at P525

My pick for the little girls: P2, 370
This simple LRD (Little Red Dress) stands out for its color and details
My pick for the little boys:  T Shirt - currently on sale at P660, Plaid Shorts - P1, 450
Will look good on both your little boy or girl:  Shirt - P1,050 Vest - P1, 450 Shorts - P1, 780
Preppy ensemble, with cute button pins!