Saturday, April 28, 2018

This Bali trip is quite short, and I am sure there's more to see and do in this beautiful summer destination in Indonesia. But who am I to complain when I've been given a glimpse of this island on an all-expense paid trip?!! (Read more on how I got this trip HERE). When I think of it now, this trip is actually the kickstart of my summer 2018! Hoping there will be moooore opportunities in the coming weeks! .....

Unlike my past travel posts, sadly I cannot give extensive travel tips on Bali because I was a part of AirAsia Red Talks' group tour. Meaning, I did not plan anything for this trip, but for a change, I enjoyed just following their itinerary and just c h i l l while I explore a bit of Bali's go-to town named UBUD.

A Taste Of Bali: Ubud Food Festival + A Little Side Trip!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hi guys!

So I was supposed to delay this post for another week, but I realized that these are my lighter days already! I have to anticipate the busiest weeks when Bloggers United and my blog work both come in together in a week or a month. I guess better to start the travel blogs now!!

If you're following me on social media, you'll know that I just came home from two consecutive trips, at wala ng uwian. It gets tiring now that I am back in Manila, it's so hard to adjust and go hustle mode again. All I want to do was stay in bed, watch Youtube, go to the gym, do the groceries, and other mindless stuff, hehe! I am still wishing for a week of this routine, but then, work starts tomorrow! 😄 Anyway, the first destination for my Summer 2018 travels was in Bali--and this one came in a bit more unexpected than my Taiwan trip.

First Helicopter Ride!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Didn't know this day will come! You can now BOOK HELICOPTERS ONLINE like how you book Grab or UBER!! And it's my first time to ride a helicopter just to try this service from Ascent!!!

Hot Summer Spot: Inflatable Island Philippines!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A few weeks ago, I was able to kick-start Summer of 2018 with a water activity with my friend Ava. I may not be a girl of this season, dreading the heat and the tight outfits people go to in this temperature, but a good consolation is the chance to try out fun, outdoorsy activities I won't even attempt on rainy or cooler days.

Long-Overdue Root Canal + My Affinity Dental Clinic Makati Experience!

Monday, April 16, 2018

It's my third visit in Affinity Dental Clinic, the first was in Alabang for my first ever teeth whitening (na super effective!), and the second was already in Makati for consultation with a tooth problem I've been dealing with for I think two years now (kids, wag ako gayahin, haha). I felt a huge hole on my far end tooth, I think a result of my wisdom tooth extraction. Hinayaan ko nalang sya because hindi naman sumasakit. But I realized now that the worst pain I ever experienced is when my tooth aches, hindi talaga ako nakaka tulog. I should not wait for this to happen before addressing a tooth concern!

Anyway, I went back to the clinic last week before my long trip. My dentist Dra. KC said that I needed a root canal. Prior this appointment, my mom was already warning me of the pain from this kind of treatment. But with my experience with Dra. KC and Affinity Dental Clinic in Makati, there were no discomforts!!  

"Price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills!"

Sunday, April 15, 2018

You all know that I am big on hostels. It's not because I hate luxury hotels, in fact, I do love them but I just don't have the personal budget for them pa. But this doesn't mean I cannot enjoy traveling, I have other options without breaking the bank. Thank God for hostels and guest houses and even dormitories, I can explore my dream destinations at a good price! 

I remembered this tidbit about me during Mountain Dew's event last April 13 at the 55 Events Place in QC. 

"Price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills,” says Katrina Paras, Flavors Marketing Manager of PepsiCo. "Whether it’s extreme sports, gaming, vlogging, or anything, as long as it gives you a thrilling, exhilarating experience, then you should CHASE IT." I think my quest to see Korea in all four seasons and its different cities is my own Lupit Sa Sulit story. Imagine getting able to see these places and experience these seasons, but only spend Php 500 - 900 per night for my accommodation! Haha! Lupit!

Anyway, sharing pictures from this fun event! I got to spend time with new and old friends from the world wide web, meet the new #DewIdol James Reid, and also try the new #LupitSaSulit Php 8 for 8 oz Mountain Dew glass bottle! Ang sarap nya, and grabe yung 8 pesos lang sha!!!

With my bff in budget traveling Paxieness!

Nanji Hangang Park + Heading Home :(

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I think I've been to so many parks in Korea, especially for this spring trip since my agenda is to collect as much cherry blossoms experience as I can. 

Besides, it's such a waste to stay indoors on a beautiful spring day!!

BT21 Cafe in Seoul | BTS x LINE Friends!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Filed Under: Alternative Things To Do When In Seoul.

In all my Korea trips, I've never once set foot in Itaewon. I've heard a lot about it as a cool party place, and the perfect area to grab a bottle of beer (or soju) to loosen up and have fun with friends. It's funny that my first time in Itaewon is for something cutesy and wholesome--haha! 

BT21 is Kpop boy band BTS and LINE Friends' collaboration and I am in love with it! The Bangtan boys created their own cute characters, which LINE Friends produced into merch (clothes, key chains, stickers, etc) and even food in their own cafe. You can see all these in Line Friends' flagship store located in Itaewon, so after Yongma Land abandoned theme park adventure, I asked Jari if we can have our coffee or dessert here kahit medyo malayo instead of just going to a random cafe (team tuhog, hehe). Thank God she's up for it! Woohoo!

Like most Line Stores in Korea, they have the HUGE Brown stuffed toy in the middle of the store, where guests take turns to have their photos with!

Yongma Land: Abandoned Theme Park in Seoul

Thursday, April 12, 2018

My fascination for abandoned theme parks started when I saw an Instagram post around 2 years ago of a Pinay who went up the railings of a roller coaster in an abandoned amusement park in Japan. I forgot who the girl is and where the theme park is exactly located, but I found it cool and interesting to visit something that long before was a happy place. Pwede pala yun noh? Once a smash hit is now napabayaan na, or that you can still visit these places and still find them interesting. Sabi nga nila "full of stories"! 

Anyway, when I got back from Seoul after my main mission of chasing spring in Daegu, hala I had no more plans. I still have TWO FULL DAYS, so naisip ko maybe it's time to visit that abandoned theme park in Seoul?! MABUTI NALANG TALAGA, my new friend Jari messaged me to let her know lang if I am back in Seoul and kailangan ko ng kasama, haha! I know I can do it by myself, but I think a trip to an abandoned theme park is more fun (and less scary!) with a friend!

ALL ABOUT DAEGU: Chasing Spring + Where To Go + Where To Stay + How To Go Around, Etc.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I am a country repeater. Never thought I'd type that four or five years ago. I've always been the type na mag hihinayang if I go to same places again and again--instead of spending the travel budget to see a whole new place. But then again, am I seeing the exact same things whenever I go to Korea?

Well not really! I am so used to people saying "KOREA NANAMAN!?" or "Tumira ka na kaya dyan?" HAHA! But they don't understand, I cannot afford to live in Korea yet HAHA! The most is 10 days. Also, it's not as if I go there just to see the same places again and again. Masawain akong tao by nature. First, there's the different seasons that we don't have here so I still enjoy them (winter, spring, and autumn). And secondly, I choose to focus on different cities on my every visit. For Spring of 2018, my 7th time in South Korea, I decided to go to their non-touristy city which is DAEGU.

I think no other scene in this wonderful world of Korean drama made my heart flutter as much as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo's theme park episode when Joon-hyung fulfilled Kim Bok Joo's secret bucket list.

As usual and as with any other goodbyes, leaving my Seoul guesthouse gave me a certain weird tingling feeling on my tummy:

K-Pop Sensation BTS for LG!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

LG Electronics is producing its most ambitious and wide-reaching campaign to date, one headlined by one of today’s hottest K-Pop boy band BTS!

Black-haired BTS boys!!!!

How To Keep Hydrated This Summer + Review of the New Cream Silk Fresh Hydration

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

With summer comes dry skin, body dehydration, and even drier hair! Now that I am back for a while here in our tropical home, I prepared a few products (new and old) that I will use to keep myself hydrated for the coming days. Sharing to you my short list!

How I Travel: My Usual Jam-Packed Day in Seoul (DAY 2 SPRING IN SEOUL)

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

I've said this a million times in my former blog posts, but if you're a new reader, here's how I fix my most recent Korea itineraries!

I do TRY to plan them on-the-dot, day-by-day, even BY THE HOUR just so I won't waste a day. But for Kdrama locations, I simply just make a LIST of locations I want to go to or I haven't been to and not be OC on the dates. 

I will write down the place, then research the nearest train line either by Google or by checking out Google Maps. And after all these important information (nearest subway, nearest exit, name of the place in real life so I can navigate them through Google Maps), I will arrange all of them by train line so I can go to the closer ones in one day and hindi yung patalon talon ako sa malalayo at magkakalayong locations!

I love the outdoor train stations of Seoul during spring! It's not so cold, and the air is really nice and fresh!

God, Help The Tourist!: My Running Man Thematic Experience in Seoul + Namsan Guest House

Monday, April 02, 2018

I am a big commuter during travels.

If I have all the money, then I would taxi my way to all my destinations to avoid the back pains from carrying my huge maleta--but I am still far from that level HAHA! One thing that I truly appreciate though when commuting is you really soak yourself to a bit of the Korean's everyday lives. Seoul is a popular tourist destination already, so you will encounter not only huge flocks of locals, but also tourists, like you, manouvering their way around Seoul's vast public transportation system. Pulling a huge maleta? You are not alone!

The variety of people you encounter is endless, and as with anything, everyone and everything seems to have a story to tell.