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Lee Cooper now in Manila!

Are you ready for another British invasion?

The iconic British fashion brand LEE COOPER has rocked-and-rolled its way to Manila’s streets, bringing the same sophisticated and fashionable items that have made it famous the world over! Basta anything Brit talaga (like The Beatles, Spice Girls, and ang recently concluded Olympics!), veryvery exciting!

The registration booth (loving the Union Jack overload the moment we reached the venue!)

Mini Cooper everywhere (dream car!)

The grand launch was held last night at the Marriot Hotel Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila.

Tim Yap hosted the program:

The Lee Cooper Team:

Panalo ang mga Queen's Guards sa gilid, hehehe:

They introduced the different faces of Lee Cooper Manila, including Chef Laudico, bar owner GP Reyes, Bianca Valerio, Vince Aldanese (owner of Villa Del Conte Chocolates) and 2nd's Restaurant owner Tanya Kropp:

And then, the very impressive fashion show. Production kung production! Sarah and I enjoyed the playlist, especi…

Wrangler: Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler

Sarah picked me up along EDSA corner Annapolis yesterday afternoon,  going to Manila (my second home back in early 2000) after a looong parang-ni-roundtrip day... So we can go to the Wrangler event together. I used to regularly go to Robinson's Ermita before (or mas tinatawag namin noong R.P.)  with my college friends... For bowling, food trip, and to catch a movie.  But ngayon, parang ang layoooo na niya! So thank you talaga Sarah!!! :) Anyway...

When we got there, pastart palang the fashion show (what is timing!). Thank you Paul for saving us seats! Wrangler introduces its Fall / Winter 2012 Collection,  dubbed as: “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler”.  The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries.  It is about exploring, FEELING ALIVE, going on adventures,  and embracing unlimited possibilities.

Kim Jones hosted the show:

I have the suckiest camera, so no fashion show photos, sorry! :p But eto yung pinaka collection nilang bago:

The Wrangler Fall/…