My Two-Tone Hair Makeover at the Azta Urban Salon SM San Lazaro!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I really really want an ombre hair style! I don't know why the look appealed to me, but it's so hippie-for-my-life, hahaha! :P 
 Celebrities sporting the ombre look: I love Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore pa naman! Hehe!

The not-so-cool ombre look:
 Medyo extreme na to mga teh! Christina Aguilera and Drew Barrymore with light-to-dark hair!

So, last Friday, I visited the "new" Azta Urban Salon in SM San Lazaro (Manila). It was one of "my malls" back during our college days, so when I passed by Dangwa, Lacson, Laong Laan...sobrang senti mode lang! I miss USTE!

Saw this sign...So off I went!
Located at the 3rd level, near Sun Cellular and the theaters:

The salon's "menu":

I learned that the Azta in SM San Lazaro has been operating since February this year. I was really curious about this salon after seeing the blog features of Lissa Kahayon, The Plump Pinays, and Honey Andrade--fashion bloggers who all root for Azta's services. Although a bit new compared to other salons we've all been going to since our high school days, Azta is fast-becoming the salon we fashion bloggers prefer!

Upon entering the place:
 Greeted with a smile! Plus points! Haha!

Receiving area: (Magazines are all updated, yey, haha!)

They had me at "Free Drinks", haha!

Now, to my hair makeover!

 Davines, Hair Color from Italy:
...Because my hair stylist Ms. July Flores gladly helped me kung anong babagay sa akin, and even recommended a haircut and total look that's right for me! :)

After telling her about ombre, Ms. July said she wouldn't bleach my hair because it will do damage, so we will go for lighter color sa taas (Ash), tapos darker sa baba (Mahogany)...They call the look "Two-Tone Hair" - 
Beyonce with Two-Tone HairStyle: Light to Dark.

After deciding on the color, hair cut muna! They shampooed my hair sa seat ko mismo..."Dry Shampoo" ang tawag dito, a procedure they got from Malaysia. Shal!

 After blowdry and haircut...

...On to the hair color procedure:
 Ms. Lorena assisted my hairstylist in achieving my two-tone hair!

It took around 2 hours for the whole thing (shampoo, blowdry, hair cut, hair color, shampoo again, then blowdry)...So make sure you really allot the day for this session. After a few hours of waiting for the color to settle (thank God for BB and iTouch for keeping me company, and Ate Lorena, who is super accommodating--she makes sure I'm not bored and palagi pa akong inoofferan ng drinks, hehe).....

Finally! My new look! Yehey! Tamang tama events night non, Sarah of Ms. Eggplant Chronicles called the look: "Reverse Ombre"! Hahaha!

What I also love about Azta SM San Lazaro is that they gave me a "reseta" after undergoing the process of hair coloring: 
Ms. July explaining to me the DOs and DON'Ts...

After ng aking pagpapaganda, I looked around the place so I can feature them here in my blog...

Love the mirrors na framed with light bulbs...So artista lang the peg! Hehe!

I just had to take a "mirror photo", hehe!

The salon also offers haircut and styling for boys....

Digiperm... (the girl beside me, ganda ng curls niya nakita ko ang before and after...Hindi naging "poodle-y"...Natural Curls lang! Next time eto naman pagagawa ko, kelangan lang talaga magpahaba pa muna hehe....)

 Mani / Pedi....

Interested na? :) Check out THIS PAGE for more of the services offered in AZTA!

Basta ako, happy ako sa Reverse Ombre ko, haha! :) Thank you Azta SM San Lazaro for my new look! :)

Mume-Megann Fox na ba? Hahahaha!
 I wish! Hahaha, kahit sa two-tone hurr man lang! ;P

 Ready for your own hair makeover? Visit Azta Urban Salon in SM San Lazaro! Contact number is 3531344, or like AZTA Urban Salon on Facebook!

Up next: Will blog about the two events I went to that night (SOFA then TOPS)....
Simple lang my outfitey, pero with a standout hair, carry na, diba! ;)

Celebrity Photos from Google Search. No copyright infringement intended.

Another reason for me to love TOMS :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Love them talaga! Love them to death! Hahaha.

I have a confession.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am sooo nervous.

Nakakatawa kasi, as if I haven't been doing this for the last 5 years!
Anyway *hinga ng malalim*......Finally! My little comeback collection is up!

As blogged yesterday, I will call my new NECKLACES, HIPPIE BANDS, and EARRINGS Collections "RECONSTRUCT" -- Since I made each piece from materials I already have at home--mostly from past collections.

Seriously, I don't know how to go about with online selling again (haha!)...Should I bring back meet ups kahit LARGA kung LARGA ang pagod na inabot ko from that delivery option? Should I open my items to Paypal mode of payment /ship abroad? Gaaah...There really is so much to learn pa! Reconstructing the business, based on current demands of consumers, and new offers of the great technology!

Right now, though, I am just happy to have produced around 50 pieces of new accessories to display in my bare online shop...Nangangalahati na ang taon na wala siyang halos laman! :P Can't believe inspiration can run dry, especially for someone like me who believed she's free-spirited and all! I guess people have their days. I am just thankful to all of you who've been so encouraging, who never lost their faith in me, in my craft, in my business. I wouldn't forget the words of my dear blog friend Pax: "Ang tagal ka na naming hinihintay!"

Now that I've said my piece, I realized where I got this inspiration to finally RECONSTRUCT my life again. Hey! It came from YOU. :)

So, although eggstreeemly embarrassing, hahaha...I'd like to share my ANC Shoptalk guesting. It wasn't really for me, so forgive my awkward face and stammering (hehehe), especially at the beginning of the interview (Di talaga ako pang showbiz, pwedeng written nalang? Hahaha)...This feature is for Anagon Collection = My dreams, and my drive to wake up and go on with life everyday.

Cheers to new beginnings and unlimited chances the world gave to us every single time we wake up!

Photoshoot Details:(Blogged about this shoot HERE)
Photographer: Kisty Mea
Shoot assisted by my dear friend: Chai Muncal
Good job, team! :) Love the turnout of this shoot!
Please do visit ! :) <3


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bloggers United 2???!

Went out last Monday to a "meeting" (YEAH!) with my blog friends Pax and Melai. We went, thanks to dear Charles, to the GMA Kapuso Foundation to form ties with their team in the next Bloggers United (coming S-O-O-N!). Excited ba kayo? :) Kasi ako excited! Haha!

Found really cool (and discounted!) Melissa boots donations in the office! :P *Drools*

It was a very productive meeting. Both parties had their say, and in the end, it's all about what we can do to reach out to others. I really hope that's the image Bloggers United will be remembered for in the end...To organize all top Manila fashion and beauty bloggers to use their influence and power in the WWW to unite people for a good cause.

Excited for this venture!
A little something about the Kapuso Foundation Development Project (KSD):

The KSD Project is a school-based program which aims to foster integral education by providing students of underserved public schools, both primary and secondary, the ff:
1) Decent functional classrooms which are conducive for learning.
2) Water distribution and sanitation facilities
3) Environmental awareness through a symposium and tree-planting activities around the school premises.

Learned all these during the meeting, that the GMA Kapuso Foundation is all about transforming a kid's life by providing classrooms. I like the thought that they do not only help a single family, but a whole classroom of children and their families.

Went to Trinoma for further BU meeting:

Tumataba na ako! Hahaha! 
Kung dati hindi ko ma-take in ang food ko, ngayon SOBRANG food intake naman, hehehehe!

CR pic! Haha! After the loooong meeting na may chikahan in between! ;)

Outfit pic:

I love Charles! :)

My outfitey:
Ako na ang ready to sleep, hehehe!

Hat and Necklace - SM
Black Shirt - Bench
Floral Jumpsuit worn as wide-legged pants - my mom's
Sandals and Watch - Tomato
Fringe Bag - Hongkong Market

I love that day. Other than the motivation to go with another BU, I had a short talk with Pax when we rode the MRT going home (fumafashionista commuters! hehe!)...which sparked something in me to work again. I am not denying the burnout I experienced not only with my business but with life in general. I lost my "muchness", and I tell you it's not fun at all. I am not proud of this, but rather, I accept this reality of what happened to me because I really want to get out of this rabbit hole. I find grace and the will to start again through all the words I get from people I open up with (including YOU my reader friends!)...In fact, I started making accessories again since Monday night! :)

Coming Soon! Thinking of calling this collection RECONSTRUCT, or something. Reconstructing accessories from old collections...And also can mean reconstructing the business, the passion, and my life. :)

To HOPE and starting all over again, with more enthusiasm with LIFE! :)
Thanks for all the prayers. =)