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ANTM Alumni in Michael Cinco X BENCH

One of the best shows I was able to catch during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. Naging busy with the bazaar (last day nadin, pack up dyahe)...But I am glad that I was able to watch this Bench show (my last show also for this season). Super worth it! I am so in love with the set:

A vid of IMPALPABLE, the newest scent from BENCH in collaboration with designer extraordinaire Michael Cinco. Featuring no less than America's Next Top Model alumni Allison Harvard:

Kids in white, holding up a lamp = Goosebumps allover! 

Beautiful gowns, intricate details, world class designs by MICHAEL CINCO. Parang ang sarap nang ikasal, shoz!

And then finally: America's Next Top Model alumni Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard in Philippine Fashion Week's runway. How surreal can this show go--I lovet!

The Friendship Bracelet Book and the Candy School Diary!

GIVEAWAY WINNER! CONGRATS TO KATHERINE SALAZAR! Please check your email. Thank you! :)

I am all for sentimental shiz. Even at this day and age, I am still the old school type who appreciates:

1) Friendship Bracelets.
I love friendship whathaveyous. We once had a barkada watch in high school! And like a true old-soul, I got excited when I saw SUMMIT MEDIA and Berry Books' new book: The Friendship Bracelet Book. So cute!

For only Php 150:
- Get over 30 fun and creative pattern ideas -- Divided in beginner, intermediate, and advance levels!
- Featuring a step by step instruction on how to go about each knot and hitches, the book will give you a complete overview of bracelet making 101 right from the toolkit needed to fun projects that will teach you how to make braided headbands, shoelaces, and even camera slings!
- Best of all, each book comes with a set of thread in 7 vibrant colors so that you can start making your friendship bracelets straight away!

2) A School Diary.

Although everyone…

Last 2 days - PFW / Superb Bazaar

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day. I wasn't expecting this, SATURDAY e! But then, I had no shows to attend to, parents took this day off to rest, so it was just me, my stall, and my new helper Jenny.

Happy when I had bisitas! ARNIE!!! TERNO DIN PALA TAYO NUN! :D Yellowww!

I love seeing familiar faces. This was later na in the afternoon, and sobrang naburo nako sa stall. :P With Hezron Peralta, Arnie Villanueva, Rovie Divinagracia and Angel Rodriguez. Thanks for dropping by guys!

I love Tati Buendia of Bubbles! Always a pleasure to see her around bazaars, sobrang easy to talk with:

I also super appreciate the support of bloggers Jen Maslang and Kai Romero. Feeling the looove guys!

Throughout the 5 days in SMX, I love bumping and smiling to this young blogger Carvey. He is super sweet, and had a photo with me before heading home--panalo ba ang homeless look ko dito? Lol, ready to commute! ;)

 Although big time ang stress levels for 5 consecutive days (waking up at 6 in the mornin…