KPop Dance Class in Seoul (For Beginners)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

I almost backed out from my 1-Day K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul! I was so nervous as the day of my schedule was nearing. I was already planning to just drop it, but I already paid Php 1950 for the fee!

Korean School Uniform Rental in Seoul | Produce 101, Produce 48, Etc.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I booked all my rental and tour activities prior this Seoul trip. And to be honest, days prior my Korean High School Rental schedule, I was already regretting why I availed this! Haha!

2019 Kdrama Tour + Tips on How To Spot Korean Drama Shooting Locations

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Even when on a Kdrama lie-low last year, I was able to catchup a bit from my list. My 2019 favorites include Hotel Del Luna, Touch Your Heart, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, Love Alarm, Encounter, and When The Camellia Blooms.

In this post, I'm sharing three 2019 Kdrama spots I was able to visit in a day, and how you can spot them too!

Korean Drama Actors in Manila: My 10 Korean Actor Fan Meeting Experiences

Monday, April 20, 2020

My KDrama friends call 2016 as the most recent "Golden Year of Korean Drama". It was the year when there's a sudden surge of new Korean drama fans because of the awesome lineup that introduced (or reintroduced) us back to this world.

There's W Two Worlds, Legend of the Blue Sea, Cheese in the Trap, K2, Hwarang, Descendants of the Sun, and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I think even the well-loved Reply 1988 lasted till 2016. But from my observation, the most popular Kdrama that pulled in new fans would have to be Goblin. Even local actresses like Anne Curtis and Sharon Cuneta were hooked!

INCHEON TRAVEL BLOG: Chinatown, Fairytale Village, and Goblin Shooting Location

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Prior this trip, the only thing I know about Incheon is that it is the city where we go to and from South Korea's main airport.

I'm already more than half-way for this trip when I decided to explore Incheon beyond the Incheon International Airport. Sharing some of the places I was able to go to during that short visit!

Korean Themed Party Ideas | Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

This year, our country is on Enhanced Community Quarantine when Dad celebrated his 66th birthday. Since there's now way we're going out to celebrate, we decided to just take out our indoor grill for a Korean themed dinner at home!

A day before dad's birthday, Ate went out for the grocery run. It was Easter, but she went out as early as possible (around 7:30am) to beat the long lines in our nearest grocery. Talk about not wasting time, Ate said she heard mass online while waiting in line! After the usual grocery, Ate also dropped by a Korean mart to get kimchi and other stuff that are sold out. 

That night, my family dressed up as if we're heading out. At the last minute, I decided to cook cheesy kimchi rice. We were busy taking turns in the kitchen, and by past 7pm, we settled in our dining area to celebrate another year in my dad's life. 

Sharing pictures from our humble home last April 13:

Things To Do in Ikseondong | Wear Vintage Costume In Seoul

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I've heard it so many times: There is more to Seoul than Myeongdong or Hongdae.

Last year, I was introduced to Ikseondong by one of my IG friends Ate Cris. On my first visit, I wasn't able to maximize my time there because of the huge local crowd, medyo na-overwhelm ako. But fortunately I had the chance to go back during my longer trip early this year.

Sharing some of the activities that you can do while you're in Ikseondong. Prepare you camera as it is a super photogenic neighborhood!

Work (Out) From Home: My Favorite Fitness Videos

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I have an on and off fitness life.

But when I do get hooked, my addiction lasts for weeks or even months that I'll even do it daily. Then there will be a disruption that usually comes in the form of a travel! This will make me pause my fitness life entirely.

I just got back from my out-of-Seoul adventures, and have no plans for the rest of the day. Not one to waste any minute when in Korea (or any trip for that matter), I went out by late afternoon to just go around my area--buy the stuff my friends requested, buy winter appropriate clothes coz nauubusan nako by this time, and maybe look for a place to have dinner.

Discovering Jumunjin: BTS + Goblin Shooting Locations

Friday, April 10, 2020

Jumunjin was my next stop after 2 nights in Sokcho.

You'll rarely encounter Jumunjin in travel or Korea blogs. All I know is that Jumunjin is near Sokcho, a perfect stopover before heading back to Seoul especially for fan girls like me! You'll find two popular Hallyu shooting locations in this northeastern town of Gangneung City.

Holy Week 2020: 5 Beautiful Churches From My Recent Travels

Thursday, April 09, 2020

We celebrate Holy Week differently this year.

No palaspas last Palm Sunday. Masses were held in empty churches broadcasted to thousands of viewers all over the world thanks to Facebook Live. Meanwhile, our yearly Holy Week recollection with The Feast just started earlier today, also via Facebook Live.

And although it's a bit sad that my family (for the first time in decades!) can't go to our annual Visita Iglesia for Holy Thursday, I am also amazed by how technology can at least take us to places without leaving our homes.

I posted a Digital Visita Iglesia yesterday featuring Google Maps's Street View feature, but tonight let me take you to 5 of the beautiful churches I was able to visit during my recent travels. Feel free to add your own favorite churches in the comment box below, have a blessed Holy Week!

Let's Go On A Digital Visita Iglesia!

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

This Holy Week, join me as I virtually visit historical churches from the safety of our own homes ... through Google Street View app!