No, they will not accept anything usual.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I have to admit that January is the not-so-good month for my business. Other than having the holiday/birthday vacation hangover (a.k.a. ang tamad ko pa. :P), I think another reason is that everyone just splurged their money last Christmas and New Year (including yours truly), kaya medyo tipid tipid na muna ngayon. Saving up for summer getaways, perhaps? Sigh. 

So I know that when this time of the year comes, hindi na pwede yung usual lang--no they will just not accept anything usual. I try to come up with unique items then. Here are some new accessories I made awhile ago, while watching Johnny Depp fight a tentacled villain, hopping from one ship to another. Savvy? Hah! :D I just love him!

Hope you visit or :))
Feed the artist! Haha!

On another note, I think another man who noticed that his readers wouldn't just take anything of his usual writing style is Bob Ong...Who scared the wits out of me after I read his latest book Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan.

It's a fresh piece, none of his ABNKKBSNPLAKO or Stainless Longganisa's pa-witty schemes, which actually made me admire him more as a writer. :) The book freaked me out that I didn't get to finish half of its last page! :P Para bang pag nanuod ka ng horror movie, and you can't take the scene anymore so you just close your eyes till you hear the credits already, hahaha. :D

"Genuinely Happy"

I really love weekends. The only thing that makes me not want it is that when I reach home, usually on Sunday nights, my online shop responsibilities are all piled up already (order forms, Multiply and FB inquiries to answer), haha!

So, I woke up early last Saturday to supposedly attend an orientation for an internship I've been eyeing lately. It wasn't actually part of my plan this year, although "change" is--and if I am really looking for something new, I thought that few weeks abroad might be the answer.

I was in the orientation's venue already after several boo-boos like FX driver failing to inform me of my stop, being more than 2 hours late, etcetera. But the moment I saw the door to the room--I just turned around, and walked away. I don't know if this act can be interpreted as "I am not meant to be here" or maybe it plainly meant that... I just cowered in fear.

Sorry for keeping this vague. Anyway, I wore this ring that day:
 I'd like to believe that the reason I turned around is that there is something else in stored for me. Good things. The best things, even! Sigh, I really hope so, hehe.

So, I was quite depressed that I have to go through that, and so I just ate my heart out when I reached Mega Mall.
Mexicali = feel good food

Then, I met Ana in Greenbelt that afternoon for our Weekend Movie Club. We caught the crazy kickass film Green Hornet, had a short Red Mango break, and then watched Love and Other Drugs while eating our movie-food-dinner. 

Sunday was also spent with my sistah from anotha mistah Ana, where I accompanied her while she shopped for new stuff for her Cebu trip (may sakit na yun na dapat mag shopping pre-trip, haha). She also had a haircut while I attended the mass, and of course, we had coffee shop tambays in between.

Craving for sweeeeets today! I love UCC's mango crepe! :P

Ana's late birthday gift to me, hehehe:
New keyboard and mouse, haha! :) 
Opo naka PC parin ako, hehehe.

So anyway, I still hope that good things will come to me this year. I know that I don't have to be too hard on myself, or I don't have to be such a big worry-wart...But I can't help it. If things aren't coming my way, I have to make them happen myself. That's just how things roll, right?

I remembered from the sermon kanina, the priest said that to be truly happy, you have to feel that your are blessed. I may want more, but what's in the depths of my heart is to be "genuinely happy". Like this simple weekend with a long-time friend. Great movies, food, and awesome conversations. 

Oh, I love that phrase. "Genuinely Happy". =)

I just want to share this prayer I learned from The Feast Alabang:

Novena to God's Love 
By Bo Sanchez

"Feast Declaration Of Abundance"
Today, I receive all of God's love for me.
Today, I open myself to the unbounded.
limitless, overflowing
abundance of God's universe.
Today, I open myself to Your blessings,
healing, and miracles.
Today, I open myself to God's Word so that I
become more like Jesus every day.
Today, I proclaim that I'm God's Beloved.
I'm God's Servant,
I'm God's Powerful Champion,
And becaus I am blessed,
I will bless the world,
In Jesus' Name.

Happy Birthday UST! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The University of Santo Tomas just had its Quadricentennial week-long celebration. Although I was willing to go there the whole week if only it was possible (haha, hardcore), but then I had to choose just one day. 

So I went back to good ol' USTE with my former Journalism classmates and batchmates last January 27 (Thursday night) to witness the countdown. Gusto ko talaga makita yung "mala-Paskuhan" programs AND fireworks! namiss ko yun!

It was a fun night filled with "namiss ko yung..." and "naalala mo nanyari dito?"-- reminiscing on both beautiful and sour days during our stay in our university (both are perfectly fine to look back to now. =)). Other than the memories-overload, here are my 4 reasons why I had a blast during the UST's 400 years celebration!  


Always starting with prayers and beautiful worship songs:

Amazing pala manuod ng Air Dancers live! Natatakot ako for them, tibay!

As said in earlier posts and twits, the campus also had a fair / bazaar set-up. Hopped from one stall to another with Lyks while waiting for our other friends.

The crowded UST stall selling the official UST@400 shirts, dogtags, bags, jackets, etc. 
Nakisiksik jan si Lyks, naloka ako!

They also sell these cute thermos!

One of Lyka's purchases! :D

Dapat andun Anagon Collection! :P

I love that phrase. "Unending Grace". :)

Thomasians with the best seats? :D On top of the giant UST! Hehe! 

The Quattromondial Monument, which was unveiled earlier that day:
Si Charlene Gonzalez daw yan, hahaha! Nasa right naman niya si Papa P. =P

I wasn't really able to watch watch the program. My friends and I arrived "after office hours", so that was past 7 already. We then ate our dinner first in P. Noval area, and then mingled with familiar faces we saw while walking around the crowded field. We only really got to watch when we settled (and sat with the crowd!) in front of the Main Building, few minutes before 12 midnight.
Other than Gary V, I also glimpsed performances by Itchyworms, Sarah Geronimo and then Aiza Seguerra (both Thomasians). Can't remember the others though, sayang! :P


I would have went to UST alone just for the countdown, coz I wouldn't miss this for the world. But it wouldn't be as crazy and tagos sa puso if I wasn't with these people...My UST friends! :)

With Gianne and Lyks:

I also saw Tin while I was looking for G! :D

Ate's high school kabarkada Rose, who also studied in UST!

With Lyks, and my Journ 2 barkada Cords and Zsa! :)

Roar! Haha!

My Journ 3 aka Kabasagan! <3

And of course, my girl Lyka T! ;) Hehehe! :))
One of my true friends na I can really trust. Love you Lyks!

Bago masita ng guard. Seniors Anagon and Lyks.:)


And finally! We were running from the Main Building to the field so we wouldn't miss the spectacle. When we reached the huge Thomasian crowd, they already started singing the University Hymn. 

My world just stopped.

Watch the grand pyromusical display here:

It was a nice experience, screaming with friends, celebrating with my fellow Tomasinos. 
I love my university!

And lastly...
IV. Finding a reason to wear my school uniform again!

Mom was very supportive, gusto daw niya akong picturean, ahahah! 

Ang saya, nagkasya pa! :D Hahaha!

Just for fun, I thought of wearing my last set of AB uniform (kept for me by my mom). I didn't even announced this in my FB/Twitter, baka mas nakakainis lang kung biglang ako lang sumipot na naka uniform hehehe. It was liberating, at the same time, laugh trip! Hindi ko nga alam kung anong sasabihin nung tinanong nako ng bus kundoktor ng "Studyante po ba?"
Me: OBVIOUS BA? Hahahaha!

Ako'y nagagalak na matawag na isang tomasino!


Project Bugs Bunny.

Friday, January 28, 2011

And it's out! :))

Finally saw the results of my efforts for the Project Bugs Bunny! Grab you Manila Bulletin copies today (Friday, January 28) and check out the Lifestyle section for the lovely outputs produced by the fab stylists extraordinaire Pax and Jear! Congrats on this published collaboration! And thank you for making Anagon Collection a part of this! I love it! :)) <3