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F&F Glorietta + SS2015 Launch

April 28, F&F Glorietta
Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) continues to bring the world’s best fashion closer to home with the launch of British Fashion brand, F&F.
Visited their flagship store in Glorietta earlier. 
The British-inspired international fashion brand offers supreme quality apparel, spot-on designs, and practical price ranges. As the only clothing brand owned and operated by the giant multinational retail chain Tesco, F&F makes the Philippines its next stop after over 2,100 locations worldwide where it is well received by customers.   
At the event with Paul and Ava:
Click Read More to check out photos from F&F's Spring / Summer 2015 Fashion Show.

Shoes Off, Happy Socks On!

April 28, Staple and Perk Bakery

Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Launch + Workshop

April 25, SM Makati

Summer Wish List

Summer should be exciting and full of adventures, so I thought of listing things that I want to have or accomplish for this season! In a way, I am hoping that "The Secret" might work its wonders in my favor, and I'll attract the following:

1) More Travels

I know that it's too soon to follow Japan with another bonggang out-of-town (ipon pa more!), but I really wish I can visit Korea or any country I haven't been to soon. Okay, pwede na kahit for Fall (September). If not, I am happy to just hop in a plane, and go to a nice Philippine destination with my friends! Oks na oks nako dun, hehe!

2) Enroll in a Class

At 29, I still love going to schools - as a teacher or as a student. I hope to take up either makeup, music, or an art class. I always want to tap other skills that I might have. If not meant for me pala or mahirap pala, masaya na to learn and try something new.

Calligraphy 101 2 or 3 summers ago.

Learning the Ukulele during the Roxy Camp. Papikit pikit pako, hah…

Matabungkay Beach Hotel Day 2.5

Days are faster, I can't keep up with my backlogs as compared to before. Real time updates? Hindi na ako yun, huhuhu. Am I busier? Hindi naman ata! I guess it's because I am always away? That's why I've been posting happenings in non-chronological order, which just strikes the teeny tiny OC chord in me. Gusto ko sunod sunod! Haha. But I have no choice, so I'll go back to my Japan mems when time permits, huhu. Anyway... Here's another kwento that has been pushed aside for a few weeks (serry!)...

Cap and Slides - Adidas | Shirt - Giordano | Skirt - Kamiseta | Backpack - H&M | Photos - @paultheprguy

tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld + Meeting Simone Legno

April 23, Niu by Vikings, SM Aura

Skechers x Demi Lovato

April 23, EDSA BDG Cafe
Last week, I decided to join a "photo shoot" event with Skechers. I know wala nang aawkward pa sa akin, but I got excited when I learned that friends will be coming over. Go nalang! :)
The beautiful venue, an indie coffee shop in Wak-Wak.

All the participating bloggers were given our own pair of Skechers to style according to our own personality. I got an unusual color, haha, can you guess what they gave me? :D
HOT PINK! Haha! I must say, though, that I found a pair that I will use and abuse for all my walks, especially because I am a hard-core commuter. Super lambot niya, and that's where I learned what made Skechers Sport different from my other sneakers: The Memory Foam that contours and shapes on my feet. Parang may unan, haha! 
This pair is also perfect for my future travels. Actually, this OOTD is inspired by my Japan travel style - Casual and very street style. Sa totoo lang, buti nalang sports luxe and normcore are a thing now. I am all fo…

Majolica Majorca Dares You to Beat the King

April 21, La Creperie Makati
As they say, the best competition is yourself. As the "king", Majolica Majorca beats their Lash King's former formulation by creating and relaunching a product that can produce 160% more volume for the lashes. How can you top that!!?
I am a Majolica Majorca newbie, but I've already heard about this Japanese brand for a long time. Majolica Majorca is a brand under Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido. A mainstay in all "Favorite Makeup Lists" and "Top Beauty Product Polls" of blogs and magazines, the brand's name actually means "Make your wish, and it will be granted". In short, they take pride in being EFFECTIVE.
Majolica Majorca is created for the teens to 20-somethings, and priced affordably. Like magic, these cosmetics will make your (transformation) wishes come true! 
Hi Yuki!
 I also tried their makeover booth during the event. Aside from proving the makeup's effectiveness, I also learned a lot of a…