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Pale Green Dress

I love this color! 

Lakas maka vintage basta pale. Parang may ganitong dress din before si mudra. Or si lola ko ata? Sana mahanap ko yung picture.

Pale Green Dress - Bayo Braided Belt - Mango Bucket Bag - Gift from Cea Pale Pink Flats - The Little Thing She Needs Watch - Aldo Necklace - Landmark

Sarap magpaka pagurl minsan noh? Lol. Slip a pretty dress lang (with peter pan collar na nga, pale colored pa!), I feel more dainty kahit gaslaw gaslawan lang talaga ang damoves ko IRL hahaha (Panalo pala gamitin yun a! Haha!). ;p Anyway, wore this ladylike number to Status Magazine's event earlier, na Tea Party ang peg. Ang saya! Akala ko magmamala Alice in Wonderland dapat, but the game turned out to be a riot (Trip to Jerusalem, bet? ;P Kala ko Scrabble o Boggle e #Nerd). Hate that my shyness / pagkamahiyain (Daddy will call this maling hiya) took over that I didn't join in the game. So Mid-year, Just-because Resolution ko is to at least leave the pagurl with my dress, and be a koboy nam… - Your newest online shopping destination!

The long wait is finally over! Your favorite Filipino retail brands Freeway, Ensembles and Solo officially open its online shop through Kasha is the online equivalent of browsing the racks of your fave brand stores.  Kasha brings together the most loved special collections, the most wanted items and signature apparel and accessories allowing users to cross-shop from Freeway, Ensembles and Solo – all in one place!

It’s all about fit! Kasha was coined from the Filipino word kasya, which means fit. One of the most frustrating aspects of online shopping for clothes is not knowing how they will fit. Now, choosing the right fit couldn't be easier with Kasha "It's all about fit" – with its commitment to ensure that whatever item you order from the site fits you.  Every piece of clothingfound on the site provides actual measurements unlike most other online clothing retailers that simply give a standard size chart that might not be accurate for every…

AKG: Me. My Music

Oh hello there guys! Lol:

Yesterday, I was dragged (dragged talaga?) by my dear friend Pax to a tech event:

I may not be techie, but I got excited to checkout what this event is all about. Kung music lang, universal naman yan so I was there as a music enthusiast na bet kung quality ang gadget:

AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with excellence for several decades:

Jam-packed event:

With 65 years of engineering and sound know-how, AKG is among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality headphones, microphones and wireless systems for professional users. Today AKG is synonymous with good sound, stands for passion in music providing the highest quality and ongoing innovation in the world of music.

What we did: Had sarap food with the gang:

 Checked out AKG's products:

Tested the cool headphones: 

 Got new terno orange earphones! :)

Joined their contests:

Bongga ni Pax, first to like ba naman si Papa V!!! :D

...Won a new cool headphones!!!! <3

Mingled with frien…

ZIPZ Shoes: The first and only interchangeable shoes!

I've always wanted to don yung terno blazer and shorts look, so when I saw this suuuper peg fringey blazer and matching shorts in Bayo last Sunday, pikit mata nalang that I got them (swipe swipe swipe, haha--chos lang wala nga akong credit card ;p). 

Maroon Blazer and Shorts with Fringe deets - Bayo White Shirt - Perfect White Shirt Maroon Shoes with skulls print - ZIPZ SHOES Black Bag - Mango Watch - Aldo "Blogger" Bracelet - TBS Swallow Necklace - Anagon

And please say hello to my new (sobrang comfy lang) sneaks from ZIPZ Shoes! Had to wear flats again kanina, since I had to commute going to faraway Mega Mall to meet Pax. I knew day of walking na naman to, so prepared si feet ko! :) 

Back story: Had an interesting meeting with some bloggers, ZIPZ Team, and (where you can avail ZIPZ!) last week where I learned more about this US brand:

Kita from the pic above, ZIPZ Shoes are the world's FIRST and ONLY interchangeable shoes! Bonggang invention that allows their cus…