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My 2014 Year-Ender + New Blog Look

FIRST OF ALL: What do you think of my blog's new look? :) Made everything simple, easy, and more "me". Leaving the "Fashionista Commuter" title out will take a lot of getting used to. Nakakasenti and nakakamiss, but also exciting! Do check out even my Aboutsection, cinareer ko pati yan, haha! 

Year-ender! Had to create another one, year after year, just so I have an assignment (a mission!) to look back at each month of the past year, and realize all the blessings 2014 has given me. A practice of gratitude! Made it a bit more challenging by posting fewer favorites for every month (coz kung ako lang, lalahatin ko talaga hanggang mag mala nobela tong blog post nato! Haha!). So! Here goes...

I still can't believe it has been a year already... Di na ako nakamove on! Lol. I will never forget New Year's Eve in New York City, where I started the year freezing but feeling ECSTATIC along with my sisters (the 3-Go) roaming around the streets around Times Sq…

Best Christmas at Best Western Antel Hotel

This Christmas, one of my favorite parties was the one with my Boracay blog friends--a staycation in Best Western Plus Antel Hotel last December 18-19. Most probably because (aside from the good company) we had an instant nice and luxury venue, and everything's accessible from the hotel (a mini grocery, spa and parlor, a mall, several restaurants and bars, etc). But for sure it was because hotel sleepover parties meant a more intimate and quality time with my friends, with no worries on what time we're ending or how much intoxicated I can get (haha), or how I will I be able to go home.

I arrived at the hotel a few minutes late from check-in, but still too early for the party. When I got there, Tracy, Seph, and Trice were already settled so sorry for these room photos! Haha!
Living room and kitchen when you get in the suite. There are plates, glasses, and utensils available (or you can request more if needed), a ref, coffee maker, complimentary water, tea, and coffee--the usua…