My Sanuk Story + What's New with the Brand!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello world!

Nakakatawa, yesterday on a long traffickey van ride with my blog friends Paul and Sarah, our conversation was biglang napadpad to our first ever blog posts. Nagkatanungan na how we started with blogging before pa, pero yesterday mas specific ang usapan--like weirdest outfit choices, pinaka-malabong outfit shot venues/backgrounds (tipong may door knob pa sa gilid, o asa loob lang ng CR! O yung infamous mirror shots! Haha!). Anjan din ang filtered photos (sepia!), habang overly- unfiltered naman ang kwentos! ;p Hahaha! Ang saya din to look back! ;p

Anyhooo... So here's my veryvery first outfit shot, took this inside my room using my old Fuji digital camera, na naka-set ang timer. Hahaha! What editing?! What Photoshop? Wala pakong consepto nyan before! And kamusta naman sa cabinet stickers and gitara sa background diba? ;p Nagpapaka-hippie!

Raw-Fashion-Blogging at its finest!
The first post for The Fashionista Commuter - My Own Runway - where I wore my Gold Shine-It Sanuk! My first taste of the comfiest pair of flats, which I bought on-sale sa sister ko who was then a DLSU student and may requirement silang to sell products including Sanuk, Jansport, wine, makeup, etcetera. And para ma-reach ang quota, requirement din sa Gonzales family na pakyawin ang benta nya, haha. Thus, my first Sanuk! Cheers! Lol.

Flash forward na to 2013, yesterday I was reacquainted to the brand. They still have that powerful tagline na I fell in love with years ago: SMILE, PASS IT ON. Paka-positivity!

For Sanuk's new collection - they created these pairs from *ahem* REAL yoga mats!
Making the standard slippers super comfy for walking--comfy na nga mas cumomfy pa!

Aside from these standard t-strap slippers design (flats and wedges)...

...Sanuk's new Yoga Mat collection now includes the stylish Yoga Slings!

How to wear (it's not that complicated! :))

Soles--hindi sha madulas! :)

The new Sanuk Yoga Sling collection was launched in--Beyond Yoga in The Fort!

Chesca Litton as event's host:

Nice her gray Sanuk Yoga Sling! :)

Very chill the set-up, and may Anti-Gravity Yoga ganap:
(Galeeeeng ng concept of the event! Bagay kung bagay with the product! :))

Whoah lang! :D

They also entertained "volunteers" (sapilitang volunteers, hehehe!) to try the Anti-Gravity Yoga! Akk!

The teacher trying to calm-down the student! Meanwhile, si Paul pala asa photo na nito--hindi nya alam na...

Sha na ang next victim este "volunteer"! :D

Go Bff! Haha!

Perfect ang tumbling! Haha! Infer gusto ko din matry di lang prepared heart ko sa dami ng viewers! ;p Love the reaction of the girl:

Fun! :) Congrats Sanuk, and excited to use my own Sanuk Yoga Sling later pag nag yoga ako! ;)

Get more info on SANUK brand and products here and here! :)

Impulse Co: Oversized Bags Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed!
Congrats to:
GREEN: Jawaher Banico
MAROON: Karen Lutao

Before the mechanics, a little story about Impulse Co. I've known this brand for years na. I remembered meeting the people behind Impulse Co. during the first-ever Bloggers United (then Bloggers Closet!) through blogger friend Honey Andrade. They also sold their bags in our small bloggers garage sale in faraway Rizal area! :)
Lakas maka Throwback ng poster noh!!! Hahaha! :D Napaka-hippie ko!

Anywaaay! Dami kong naalala, but more BU TBT nalang sa future! :)
What I love about Impulse Co. ay super afford ang price tags nila, walang tataas ng P1k! For bags na very trendy--sobrang sulit!

Like these bucket bags:

 Roomy and nice-shaped bags in pretty colors:

I love the white! I have the brown version, check out this post!

Cute clear satchels:

I saw in Impulse Co.'s IG that these are on sale at Php350 nalang! :D

On to the giveaway... Get to win one of these oversized bags!!! :) Perfect sha for school or office!

1) Follow my blog and Twitter.
2) Follow Impulse Co. on Facebook and Instagram.
3) Tweet: WIN: @ImpulseCo_ oversized BAGS here: @anagon
4) Comment below with your full name, email, link of your tweet, and your preferred bag color (maroon or green).

The 2 winners will be announced on August 13! Good luck! :)

What really happens at prom...

What a difference a decade makes!
Ten years ago, school-leavers in the UK would do just that - leave school. Despite it being accepted that American kids of the same age would partake in a nerve-wracking ritual known as "the Prom" with all sorts of archaic attributes such as the boy bringing the girl a corsage to wear and the girl's parents greeting said boy rather stiffly at the door as they handed over their Cinderella to be driven off in his "chariot", British kids didn't have any of this. They avoided the nerves and tension in the build-up as to who would go with who – and all of the other Prom rituals seen on movies and television. UK pupils weren't even familiar with "High School" so never formed a committee to create a yearbook from the experience. But all of this has now changed. The "Prom" is now as much a feature of the UK summer calendar as it has ever been in the US.

An industry of its own
In fact, rather like the onset of the whole "Gap Year" ethos a few years earlier, the "Prom" is now a huge and growing field of commerce – and a lucrative one at that. The onus on "Prom" goers is to be seen as lavishly extravagant - not just in the venue but in the entertainment and specifically in how the kids get turned out and how they will arrive. It is not uncommon for girls to spend up to £1,000 on their dream dress, while boys on average spend around £400 for the hire of their black tie and tux. Pulling up in a limo is so "old-school" now that helicopters are even seen landing on school fields all over England, not to mention all vehicle types from rickshaws to Rolls-Royces. Spray-tan salons, manicurists, florists and dress shops are all seeing a big boom in business around June and July. Indulgent parents are honouring the occasion by throwing pre-drinks or after-parties as well. The build-up is not unlike the Oscars!

Americanisation of culture
How this came about is a bit of a mystery - a little like the onset of Halloween, which used to be a few bobbing apples and a penny-for-the-guy but which is now a full-on annual costume party. But like it or not, the "Prom" is here to stay and for many teenagers it is the most important rite of passage in their young lives. Influenced, no doubt, by such cult TV as "My Sweet Sixteen" every girl wants to unleash her inner High Maintenance Princess and strut it in designer heels. And the boys, well, maybe they still want what they always did, a chance to get off with the girl they really fancy! In fact, more than 85% of schools in England now hold school proms.

With the chances for significant celebrations all too few and far between, it is good to see the emergence of a new and charming tradition on our shores. Seeing the girls arrive in their gorgeous prom dresses, the excitement on all the young faces after months of planning and the real feeling of a new beginning in the air, is a welcome addition to the academic calendar.

Disney Teen Beach Movie +THE SPA Giveaway Winner!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After creating a perfect ratings wave, amassing 8.4 million total viewers, with its US premiere, Disney Channel is primed to unleash Seacat, Giggles, Rascal, Lugnut, Struts, Butchy, Cheechee, Tanner, Lela, Brady and Mack, in the Philippine television premiere of "Teen Beach Movie," an exuberant song, sand and surf fest set inside a retro beach party movie. The storyline depicts how 1960s sensibilities motivate a modern girl to affirm her capability, strengths and goals. Kids and families can watch the fun and exuberant Disney Channel Original Movie as it premieres on SUNDAY, AUGUST 4 at 10 a.m. on Disney Channel. 

On another note....
Congrats to mThe Spa Giveaway winner:

Emailing you on how you can claim your prize! :)
Thanks to everyone who joined! :)

Modern Marilyn

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hair Cut and Color - Azta Urban Salon
Yellow Dress - Old Navy, The Off Price Show
Green Necklace - SM Accessories
Brown Heels - SM Parisian
Brown Bag - Impulse Co.
Watch - Aldo
Cardigan - Forever 21
Photos by Tracy Ayson

Kung class and sass lang, I always look up to lady icons from yester-years like Audrey and Marilyn. Love them.

I finally wore the XXL Old Navy yellow dress I got from The Off Price Show a few weeks ago. If you've seen the photo of this dress in my The Off Price Show post, spag straps sha, but sa super luwag, I tied the straps sa likod and made it look haltered! :) Parang dress na ni Monroe, but in sunshine-y yellow (my favorite color!)! I wore a cardigan with the dress sa events--like for the rustic, vintage, formal themed Da Vinci's Workshop launch in MOA.

Also on same day, I attended the Azta Urban Salon's Bloggers Party in Eastwood! The theme naman for that is HIPSTER, pero nalito na ako how to combine that with rustic, formal, vintage-- so I just brought with me an Anagon flower wreath props, in case. During the Azta event, they spoiled us with haircut and color--thus my new red-brown layered hair!

Okay, so the busy days won't end anytime soon. Last week, I tried juggling the online shop with blogging duties, yoga classes, and the 2-day Student Media Congress in La Salle that I signed up for talaga dahil interested ako. Instead of going there as "media" (invited by Nuffnang for free), I was a "delegate"--as in no VIP seats, pila-pila din PMT (pag may time) sa registration, I paid for the talks I preferred, etcetera. It was so much fun, para akong loner (but not lonely! ;p) school girl transferring from one room to another para maka-attend lang sa different subjects ko for the day! This time, I am not afraid of going through things kahit mag isa lang ako. Anyway, after this congress, I have 2 more 1-day classes na aattendan in the coming weeks--and super excited na ako for them! True to my fresh-grad self, at this age I still find happiness in learning. Naalala ko my conversation with my childhood friends na kung may unli-pera ako, I'll spend them not on shoes and bags or gadget--but on taking all the classes that I want!

Penshoppe Card holders can win special VIP passes and a photo opportunity with Thai onscreen partners and endorsers Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok, as they visit the country to promote the local retail brand at the Penshoppe Fan Conference 2013 on August 4, Sunday, to be held 2pm at SM City North Edsa and 5:30pm at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium.

Shop using your Penshoppe Card as the top 50 shoppers to win will be based on the total amount of purchases made from the time they have received and used their cards until July 30, 2013. Customers should present their Penshoppe Card before paying, to have their purchases validated within the promo duration.

The final list of winners will be announced on August 1, Thursday, 6pm at Penshoppe’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each winner will also be notified via email and SMS as well. For the full promo mechanics, visit Penshoppe’s Facebook page at

Penshoppe invites everyone to catch Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok at the Fan Conferences on August 4, 2:00pm at SM City North Edsa, and 5:30pm at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium.

Ok, super excited nako for this! Huhuhu! ;p P'Shone!!! P'Nam!!!! ;p

For updates on Penshoppe, visit, like and follow   

LEE F/W 2013 + Giveaway Winners!

Lee® Stretch Deluxe – The Ultimate Experience in Comfort & Movement 

Slowly but surely, Lee has developed a new denim experience for the woman with intelligent taste. Creating jeans from superior Italian fabric that stretches and recovers, this technology gives denim the elasticity to not only mold into your shape but hold it also. Side seams are moved forward, pushing in to make legs look slimmer and longer. Reconstructing the heritage blueprint, a new curved waistband stops jeans from gaping at the back. 

The offering of fits this season include:
1)  the ultra skinny Scarlett, a sexy tight pair that hugs the shape of your body from waist through the thigh, all the way down to the ankle. 
2) The high waist Skyleris cut skinny to hug the shape of your body from waist through thigh and all the way down to the ankle to set off those feminine curves. 
3) The Jeggings has a low waist that skims the hips. It is cut skinny and hugs the shape of your body from the waist through thigh and all the way down the ankle. 

All three fits tinted with in-trend washing including soft and light blues and a bright and fresh pure-as-snow white. For more info and updates, follow LEE on Facebook and Twitter!

Btw, congrats to my giveaway winners! 

Cheska E. Pagsanjan

Facebook: Janice Que 
Instagram: Leyanna Fortes

Emailing you all for the details! :) Thank you guys for supporting the blog, and watch out for moremore giveaways soon! ;)
Special thanks to Pink Parlour and Etchuserang Ukayera for hosting these blog giveaways.

Must Love Flats with Le Bunny Bleu!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep your feet on the ground with New York shoe brand Le Bunny Bleu, the newest flats haven in the EDSA Shangrila Mall!

This "romantic vintage" brand is all-out when it comes to flats! Love natin ang heels natin, but aminin iba talaga and thank God talaga for beautiful flats, lalo for commuting here and there, for walkathons and malling, and lalo na pag tired na our feet from whole day of 3 to 5 inches!

"Pick a pair you fancy!" Here are some photos I took of the cutest Le Bunny Bleu flats!

LOVE! Brogues with neon yellow soles!

Pax can't decide sa two cute brogues designs! Pag sinabihan ka na kasing "Very YOUUUU!" Patay na decision making skills mo at pag titipid, hehehe.

Pastel perfection! Brogues in a mix of pink and tan:

Canvass flats:

"Sneakers" (canvass flats painted with sneakers design) and oxfords:

Cutest! Le Bunny Blue's classic bunny design!

Hindi maka-decide si Ava with the cute pastel colors!

Girly vibe: peep toe, bow accents, and flower detail!

Shimmering sequined shoes in candy colors:

Show stopper: Neon loafers! < 3

My favorite! Peep toe flats with different-colored soles and metal bunny design:

Cute sandals for the forever-summer Pinas:

Ballet flats with little white bunny detail:

Ang cute nito with skirts and dresses!!!

More eye-catcher colored loafers!

Si Tracy naman super decided with the off-white lace flats na very chic and girly!

Visit Le Bunny Bleu at the 5F Bridgeway, East Wing (the mall's newest wing!), EDSA Shangrila Mall. Fall in love not only sa shoesettes, but also with the shabby chic store interiors!

Cute bunny-eared dj played chill music all-throughout the launch! :)

Perfect host for the event: Ms. Patty Laurel:

I think I'm in love! ;p For more info and updates, visit Le Bunny Bleu on Facebook and Twitter! :)

BTW! I got the black flats with (!!!) cute sky blue soles, and with gold metal bunnies! :) Conjugal shoes namin ng Ate ko, hehe! Sharing is caring! Haha!

What are your Le Bunny Bleu picks? :) 

PS: Watch out for their Glorietta branch soon!