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All in a day!

I should be proud of myself, Queen Multitask. I can't leave the house without atleast 2 purpose of leaving (or maybe I am just a cheapstake and wouldnt want to spend my pamasahe for just one lakad! hahaha!) Anyway, last Saturday, I held a shoot for my new headbands with my batchmate and friend from Candy Council of Cool ( Tracy as the photographer, and her friend Kirsten Rice as model.

I just have to say that this is the fastest photoshoot ever! We started 9am, weather cooperated and turned-off the rains for 3 hours, and packed up 11 am sharp! :D
The Photographer, The Model, and The Designer. (NAKS!)

People might think that photoshoots are all-fun and glam, but really, most of the time during shoots I just seat and watch...and watch..and watch some more..then assign another headdress, or style (when clothes are included) then watch again...or eat, or people-watch..haha! Anyway, The results afterwards (photos!) are the only rewards!---OH! Other than meeting new…

Lazy Anagon and her Current Wish List

I am recently having a hard time working on my Collection. It's like I have no more time. I have ideas that I cant work on right away, and maybe Ive forgotten some of them already before I can even make them. My hatest part in this is when I already get the materials for certain Anagon projects, but ending up not being able to make them. Oh I'm such a mess! Lots of things are going on inside my head now, nothing in particular, nothing dead-serious, but I feel "busy being busy" and ending up not accomplishing anything! Hayayay!

Anyway, I turned down a total of THREE bazaars for this month: two with a gradeschool classmate that I met at the Candy Fair--she invited me to bazaars in Cuenca and Bellevue hotel here in Alabang. The third one is a recent invitation by a bazaar organizer, which will be held outside Glorietta 3--the one in front of HardRock and beside UCC and 6750. I turned down Mia's bazaars because it might be Marj's birthday of the year on those date…

I just have to post these...

Some looks on past events I attended:

For a NU Skin event thing of my bes, who was awarded that night--and also had a really nice speech which made me teary eyed hahaha. They said to wear black--I wasnt prepared and my pockets werent prepared as well with spending on a new outfit, so I used my long shirt/top--and wore it as dress. Wore it with silver headband (sparkly, because it's uso hahaha), my silver fringe chains necklace from Anagon Collection (yeah! haha!), and black pumps. Wasnt feeling thin that day, but then, maybe I am comfortable already in my own skin. To hell with excess baggage! :D I felt like a STAR! Hahaha!


Another event for the month is the Candy Fair, which happened on the day when the storm Ondoy struck the country, and left a lot of people helpless. =( Surprisingly, the fair pushed through even though it was raining hard that morning.

My Candy Girl outfit! Hot Pink, Black, White: Which, coincidentally, also the colors of this year's fair! :D

I was excited …

Everything is broken!

And I'm saying this in the most "un-emo" and un-Peyton Sawyer-ish way, since I meant that all my cheapo gadgets just gave up on me! ;p

Now here's my Alcatel phone, a flip phone that has been of-service to me for 2 (or 3?) years...and lately since I've been wanting a new phone, I kept on dropping (unintentionally) my poor "D.A." (phone's name, haha) resulting to a broken front radio-feature thing and pictures taken looked like Lomo photos! :D

My friends and I talked about this before, that when you want to change your phone, but it's still working and in tiptop shape, you subconsciously drop it or jsut throw it that you'll have a more valid reason for getting a new one. Haha. But now that I have more expenses in mind (Hong Kong trip by end of the month with my friends!)...I settled on my DA, and took extra care of him again. Hehehe.
(Alcatel photo from:

The black PC I've been using for years was bought from the money…