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Converse Block Party!

It was post-Bloggers United, and the day of Tamems' birthday celebration, but still, I dropped by the Converse Block Party last Saturday to check out the event one of my closest friends from college Jam co-organized.

Jam and partner Jason, at work!

I tried to go there as early as I can so I can bond with Jam pa. We stayed at the registration booth for media people for some chit chats. I love seeing my super sipag friend in action too! :D Go Jam!

With the other half of J&J Team...Jason! :) 

Jam then handed me these food stubs, and I got it that this event is like a mini fair :)

Some of the food stalls: Hotdog On Sticks and Chow King!

We walked around the area to check out the different cool booths brought to us by Converse in the Mall of Asia Music Hall:
Graffiti Galore!

Looks fun! :) Namiss ko Art Club high school days ko, hehe! :)

People lined up for the photo booth:

Hey Mr. DJ! Stage area for the sounds and grooves!

The Philippine All-Stars, Krumpinoy, Callalily, and Gloc 9 also perfo…

Bloggers United 1: Thank you Sponsors!

The Sponsors Thank you so much for all the support, and for all the goodies and programs you've prepared for our bloggers, readers, and guests. I know it's cliche to say this but really, Bloggers United will not be like this without you! *tears*

Giving away snacks and drinks from Oishi, Vitamin Boost, Sonja's Cupcakes, and goodie bags from ETC, Lay Bare, Maybelline, FabriChild, CloseUp, Kotex, Tomato, Payless, IZZO, Ichigo, Cyleina, and all our other sponsors were part of what kept me running around The Malayan in my wedges last Friday! :)

At THE Denise Katipunera's booth! :)

With Ms. Kim of Close Up

Drinking my Vitamin Boost later that day, kelangan ng energy refill, hehe:

Ava's Loot Bags! (thanks Beb for the photo :)) All the bloggers went home really happy!

Our Close Up fun booth:

With one of our volunteers, Den, we got first dibs of CloseUp's photo booth right after they set it up!

Next was with Beb Ava and Twin Sis Reg:

One of the few photos I have in this event, he…