OOTD 10.16.14

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello world! Been busy yesterday finishing my travel posts before the next adventure! Hindi ako OC sa things (lol), but na-OOC ako when things are left undone! (That's a good thing naman, diba?). Anyway, an OOTD break muna before I write my final entry from my Baler trip. I wore an all-H&M look that day coz adik ako lol and this was a day after the crazy VIP launch. I bought basic pieces that I can repeat again and again in the coming months, so ayun, expect na pauulit-ulitin ko itong mga to in different ways (para sulit din, hehe!). ;)

 Denim Dress, Black Backpack, and White Boots from H&M SM Megamall | Photos - @artsyava

Anyway, so since I have no time na to create my usual weekly "Dear Diary" posts (huhu), singit ko na siya here. Last week had been busy for me to the point na after Baler trip--the next day salang kaagad for CraftMNL wire class ko. It was my first time din in the new head quarters in Chino Roces (at the back of New World lang!), so kinilig din ako when I saw the new set-up with the glass doors and a blackboard of the upcoming workshops.

They also have a neat space for craft materials, artworks, and these home plants for sale:

It was an intimate class with just 4 students, sabi nila ang tagal na nilang inantay that I set a Saturday workshop! Ang chill lang and before we knew it 3 hours na ang nakalipas, and around 10 projects were accomplished already!

The quiet classroom right after our session:

Also last week, I received a HUGE package in the mail, which is my Mars Kingdom foldable bike from Lazada! First bike ever, haha! Dad and I assembled it that same night that I got it... I wonder if madali nang matuto mag bike sa edad nato, LOL.

Also had the time to catch up with my high school barkada 2 weeks ago, where I met up with one of them earlier for wedding planning. Hindi talaga ako marunong mag style ng ibang tao, but for my friends, at your service lang ako forever! :)

Whenever I am in Makati and felt tired from BU tasks, blog events, or my classes, I always find myself having alone-time and late lunch in the quiet East Cafe inside Rustans Glorietta. Best vegetarian pad thai for me!

Last night, I got this photo message from Tracy that Pax and I were featured in Chalk Magazine! Haha! I didn't know that they will release this in print (akala ko online lang!), but nakakatuwa siya makita! Thank you Tomato Time for this, and to my original GF forever Aisa Ipac for being one of my long-time blog friends!

Wearing all-Tomato OOTD:

Akala ko matatapos na my men's shoes obsession when I acquired these patent brogues from Topshop... BUT NO! I saw a whole collection ng mga kapatid nya (haha) at AFFORD NA AFFORD from Parisian while I was strolling in MOA a few days ago. Hassle ang gaganda noh!

Also on same day, met up with Christine to watch Mariah's concert in Arena! Big fan talaga ako since high school, and swore nung last time she had a concert here and hindi ako nakanuod kasi wala pakong pera non na next time bumalik siya dapat makapunta nako! As in naalala ko nanunuod pa ako non sa box TV ko sa room ko ng Mariah tribute coz concert niya that night, and naiiyak ako na wala ako sa concert hahaha! Although sadly now pa ako nawalan ng budget for the VIP tickets coz of travels, we settled for the P2k gen ad na hindi din naman cheap ha, pero grabe walang kwentang area sya pag nasa Arena (ang tirik, daming harang na bakal, pangit ng sound system). Anyway, Mariah is still Mariah, kaya naenjoy ko padin that night and at least this time present nako! I LOVE YOU MIMI!!! Hahaha!

Uploaded some vids and more more updates in my Instagram @anagon! Excited for tomorrow! :)

Poler: Camp Vibes and Outdoor Adventures in Baler

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In traveling, we often seek for a number of "comfort zones", lalo na when going to a place that is new to us. First, most of the time we want to be with our closest friends and family members. If not, dapat may fully charged phones to feel "connected" with people or Google (pag may kailangang isearch!;p). And of course, a comfortable place to stay.

But what if wala lahat nito, will you still say yes to a trip? Oh yes I did. ;p

Feeling adventurous, I went to a camping / "glamping" trip to Baler last week even after my friend Pax backed out coz she's sick. I was ready for an adventure, to see new things, and meet new friends! The meet up was early 5:30am in a still-empty High Street area near R.O.X., where the group rode this private bus and spent hours just sleeping and eating while on our way to far-north.

Azalea Residences Baguio Day 3

Day 3, fight!

For our last day with the very accommodating Azalea Residences Baguio, we decided to maximize our last few hours by checking out must-see places at the City of Pines. After the buffet breakfast, off we go via Azalea's van:

7 Trends Spotted in Suiteblanco, Sfera, and UNOde50 PhFW 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On your next OOTD, take note of the following stylish prints and combinations dominating the Suiteblanco, Sfera, and UNOde50 PhFW show last week.

Soundfreaq Sound Spot

During our Baler bonfire night, before sleeping in our tents, I saw that the organizer played music via a sleek black Soundfreaq speaker. Portable Bluetooth speakers are everywhere now, making sound trips even when out-of-town more convenient. I recently acquired the compact 5-inch Soundfreaq Sound Spot with the brown embossed wood design (it is also available in black):

What's inside the box - mostly cords for charging and to connect device on phone when not in bluetooth mode, and just the speaker:

On, play, pause, skip tracks, and volume buttons:

Connect any device with a standard headphone jack (cable included in box). You can also connect TWO Sound Spots (Daisy Chain) with the Line In cable from the package to create a louder and more powerful sound source (perfect for house parties or beach trips).

Meanwhile, other than charging the device, you can also charge your phone via Sound Spot by connecting your phone's cord in its USB port. It can charge up to 500mA.

Play music anywhere. The Sound Spot is also designed to fit perfectly in your home, whether in the kitchen, your shelves, or living room area. It will also look great in your office, or a lightweight companion during your travels.

As for the sound quality, you can explore Sound Spot's Warm, Bright, and Flat options. For a small boombox, the quality is superb, powerful, and accurate. Not much of a tech person to notice other technical aspects of the speaker, but the best part of me is that Sound Spot can keep you company for 7 straight hours of long battery life.

You can even listen to your music apps like Spinnr through this speaker:

Soundfreaq is distributed by Digits Trading Corporation. Follow @digitstradingph on Instagram.

Precious International Jewelry is not just another retailer that sells jewelry. They boast a unique style that is manufactured, imported and exported, as well as sold wholesale from their showcase store. What's unique about Precious International Jewelry? With 29 years of successful experience, thousands of satisfied customers will agree that their unique seashell jewelry is one of a kind. They sell a variety of other types of jewelry as well but the key element to their success is their dedication to providing the finest quality fashion jewelry available at the most competitive prices. 

Precious International only sells wholesale, offering the availability of their beautiful collections to business all over the world. 

Many new businesses depend on the variety and quality of the jewelry from Precious International to stock their store continuously. Once they've become customers and their customers become repeat customers, they also become repeat customers. The unique paua shell jewelry and other unique wholesale costume jewelry create a look that is easy to replicate because of its one of a kind detailing. 

Being in the wholesale industry for decades has allowed the creators and buyers from Precious International to knowledgeably watch the industry, make predictions about what customers will want and successfully beat competitors year after year. They claim the secret of their success to be trust and confidence - there's no price tag that can be put on that. 

Staying on top of the industry, Precious International offers Precious to its customers, making purchasing and planning available at the fingertips. The website allows the same access as a trip to the showroom without the inconvenience. 

If you have a new retail business and are looking for a wide variety of jewelry to accent the other merchandise in your new store, Precious is the place to start. They sell jewelry, signage, displays for the jewelry, and everything you will need to get started. Once you order from them once, you'll be sold and find yourself to be a repeat customer. 

Precious International represents the very best in retail merchandising because of its versatility and because of its quality. The dedication of the many experts that work with Precious International take pride in studying, researching, and designing the jewelry that they sell. Because they are a wholesale business, the return policy applies to manufacturing defects that are found in the jewelry. They guarantee the quality of their jewelry, so as the buyer you have nothing to worry about.

Click here to find out more. With customer service representatives ready to take your calls, you can ask any questions about the merchandise, the company, the ordering policies, or anything you want to ask. The most important thing is that you become one more satisfied customer!

Document More Memories with Canon IXUS 265 HS

Monday, October 27, 2014

I've been using a red Canon 1100D DSLR for years already to document my blog events and outfit posts with a good quality camera. But during trips, like the time when I went to the States last Christmas, I don't want to bring a bulky and expensive gadget so I just use my camera phone. The problem is that it has limited memory, so I have to delete pictures from time to time, plus I can't even take lots of videos!

That's why, with perfect timing, I am so happy to receive this Canon IXUS 265 HS digital camera a few days before my Zambales beach trip. It is compact and lightweight--making it easy to bring during my travels. 

The Canon IXUS 265 HS has so much features that you can maximize. It uses the regular SD memory card, has its own rechargeable battery (lasted during my overnight stay without charging), and has an ultra wide screen for scenic and group shots:

Aside from its physical plus points, here are other reasons why the Canon IXUS 265 HS is the perfect small, point-and-shoot camera for my lifestyle (especially when I go out-of-town!)

1) Quality and SLR-ish photos with the camera's 16 Mega Pixels, and movie in full HD.

2) Zoom in to distant subjects using the powerful optical zoom and 24x ZoomPlus, and still maintain the quality.

I wanted to take a picture of the beach dog, but it was this far and I don't want to stand up from my mat (hehe):

But with the Canon IXUS 265 HS--Hi baby!

3) Wi-Fi and NFC for easy connection to your smartphone and for sharing on social networks + upload images to Canon iMage Gateway.

4) Creative Shot which gives effortless artsy twists to your shots. My favorites are the Fisheye and Toy Camera Effects - both perfect for beach shots! 

5) User-friendly camera... So if you don't want the other creative effects, the Smart Auto takes care of all the camera settings.

6) Get a movie summary of your day with Hybrid Auto feature.

7) HS actually means High Sensitivity. With the Canon IXUS 265 HS Image Stabilizer and Intelligent IS, I get stable shots in every situation - even in low lights setting: 

8) IXUS 265 HS's special selfie features with its "Smart Shutter" option where camera automatically clicks when it detects someone smiling! With a nice background, lighting, and experimenting on your angles--take a nice selfie with the Canon IXUS 265. The camera even comes with an IXUS selfiepod making it the best documentation gadget for all your events and even to your travels! Capture more memories.

7 Selfie Tips:
1. Choose the right background and flattering lighting - outdoor shots are still the best!
2.  Know your angle, avoid the duck face, unless pa-joke!
3. Take off your phone cover because it usually shows sa sides of the photo.
4. Wear the right makeup and style your hair, make it look effortless or not too staged though!
5. Apply a filter, or use phone editing apps to enhance photo.
6) Don't take these rules too seriously, have fun! :)
And of course: 7) Make sure you use a quality camera like Canon IXUS 265, it comes with a selfiepod too!

For more info and updates on CANON and CANON IXUS 265 HS, follow Canon Philippines on Facebook, Twitter at @canonphils, and Instagram at @ishootwithcanon.

LeBunny Bleu Fall Collection

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. You'll have a shelf full of flats or boots or sandals, and you will still feel the need to buy a pair when you chance upon something "cute". Le Bunny Bleu, the store that is so Instagrammable I have to stop myself from posting too much or I might look like the owner na (haha), just released the cutest flats that will make me hibernate my heels for a looong looong time.

Brogues in basic black and tan, will make you feel you'll need both (haha):

Comfy and "will go with anything" slip-ons in textured black, chevron, and snakeskin print:

Buckled boots, zippered boots, lace-up boots:

Daintier and slimmer slip-ons in plain black, rainbow camo, and bronze-brown:

Prettiest heeled suede oxfords:

Tasseled babies!

Did you know that the brogues are different from oxfords, with the first having the wing-tipped detail while the latter is just plain na parang ganto? ;)

Ongoing promo!

 What I loved the most: the comfy textured black slip-ons that I feel maaabuse sakin in the coming rush-months! ;)

 Visit Le Bunny Bleu for the best flats designs in the Shangri-La Mall East Wing and Glorietta 5 boutiques! :) Tag me your own choices! :D

Luxury Watches Shop "WSI" Opens in SM Megamall

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I seldom accessorize nowadays, so it's always just my watch and dapat statement na siya on its own. If I can afford it, I will spend on quality fashion timepieces and make a collection of Michael Kors and Fossils. If you're also into branded watches, you have to check out WSI.

From Michael Kors to Fossil, Emporio Armani, Diesel, DKNY, Skagen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, and Karl Lagerfeld -- WSI, or Watch Style Insider, is the new watch store in town! WSI is the latest multi-brand retail concept from Fossil Group With a well-balanced and diverse portfolio of men’s and women’s timepieces.

Patricia Hizon, host for the media launch:

Here are some of my favorites from the event:

Michael Kors with tortoise strap:

Time is GOLD with Michael Kors:

Colored face Michael Kors for quirky days:

Karl Lagerfeld silhouette and camouflage print:

Oversized watch with oversized statement: Men's watches from Armani Exchange, Diesel, and Fossil:

Classy thin timepieces from Skagen:

Playful pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY:

But my ultimate wish list is this "world map" gold Michael Kors! :D

WSI brings sophistication, style advice and knowledge to watch enthusiasts around the globe, including North America, Europe and Asia. Join the watch revolution by visiting them at the Ground Floor of SM Megamall, Mega A and Ayala Center Cebu. Soon to open in Trinoma Mall.