What's Inside ASTRO's Be Mine MD + Photobook (2021 Online Fanmeet Merch)

Friday, April 30, 2021

I attended the 2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival (AAF) BE MINE last March 28, 2021. It's my second ASTRO online event to date. At first, I was so confused on which ticket type to purchase, but ended up availing both their MD and the member perk which is a free photo book. I bought the ticket via Yes24's website, where they have a Paypal payment option aside from credit card. 

For future reference, here's a breakdown of my expenses:

Subtotal $64.22 USD 
Shipping and handling $28.30 USD 
Total $92.52 USD 
Converted From: P4,672.74 PHP

Total is almost Php 5000, but already included the shipping fee from Korea to Manila (straight to my doorsteps). It also included the access to ASTRO's online fan meeting. I really enjoyed the show, had lots of laughs which is typical during ASTRO stage segments! Benta talaga sakin, para mo kasi silang barkada kapag mag hihiritan! Yun palang I think I got my money's worth na! They even performed two new songs from their All Yours album, which was unreleased pa at that time! (MJ's 별비Gemini and Jinjin's All Good)

The theme of the fan gathering is "a date with AROHAS", so there's a segment where they dressed up for it (due to different styles, may mga sobrang formal and meron din naman sobrang casual!). They also came up with their ideal date scenarios with AROHAS. It was fun, kilig, plus you also get to know the romantic side of each ASTRO member! 

ASTRO's OT6: MJ, Rocky, Cha Eunwoo, Sanha, Moonbin, and JINJIN!

Anyway, a month has passed since the online fan gathering, and I finally received the free photo book and the MD last April 28! Didn't expect the package to arrive soon, considering that it came straight from Korea. I guess the expensive shipping fee was worth it! 

Sharing snaps and a video of my unboxing. 

This is my first KINHO KiT Album, and the technology is super coool! I've seen past ASTRO albums in this format, and have always been curious how it works.

The instruction sheet is direct to the point and easy to understand. You will just need download and follow directions shown on the app. 

There are video clips of the fan meeting, behind the scene photos, and a playlist of songs performed during the AAF. I have yet to explore all its content, so will update this when there's more to share! 

Here's a peek of the ASTRO AROHA FESTIVAL Be Mine photo book:

I've said it so many times already, but I am in love with the whole date concept! Hihi. The boys all look so fine in pink!

Please save the cake from MJ! Haha!

Have you watched the behind-the-scene vid of Binnie's kiss marks? Haha!

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! Will always be proud of this guy's moments during their recent comeback for ONE. From the 60 syllables in 8 seconds rap for One, to being the chosen bias during their UAE Virtual Fan Meeting, and of course, when the world was floored over our Rocky's first Ending Fairy since debut! He could have done aegyo or swag poses, but instead, learned and used the sign language to communicate the words "Thank you, I love you!". He deserves every recognition! Huhu!

With another fun (online) fanmeet, beautiful merch, and a successful comeback, I am once again a satisfied AROHA. Thank you ASTRO! 

Watch my unboxing here:

BTS Fan-Made Merch Haul (Filipino Artists)

Friday, April 23, 2021

October last year, I suddenly got into BTS fan-made merch, especially ones made by Filipino ARMYs. You'll find dozens of these beautiful creations on Instagram--and most of them have Shopee accounts! 

Most of these local BTS fan-made stickers and postcards went to a room in my wall, and also on my luggage. They add a personal touch to my things, showing the world that I am a BTS fan from the Philippines without spending too much on official merch. When budget permits, I would just LOVE to add more to this growing collection. 

Sharing part 1 of last year's haul. As they say, when you support small businesses, someone out there does a little happy dance. ❤


4-5. BTS Dynamite Post Cards 1 | 2 - Php 129

9. BT21 Fan Made Tint in TATA - Php 35

10. Boy with Luv Fan Made Tint in Taehyung - Php 35  

13. Taehyung-core Post Card (Unlisted)

Watch unboxing here:

Feel free to share your favorite ARMY artists below!

This is not a sponsored post, but I may earn a small commission when you purchase using my links and recommendations. Thank you!

SMART BTS Exclusive Website for SMART Subscribers

Thursday, April 22, 2021

 I just came from the online press launch of the new SMART x BTS campaign, and after watching the AMAZING 2-minute commercial for the third time, I decided to visit the Smart BTS exclusive website for SMART Subscribers:

If you're not using SMART, here's how my screen appeared while viewing the page with our home internet provider:

Used my phone, and here's how the page looks like on second try:

The page contains exclusive content, including photos, videos, and an interactive "Light Stick" tab that you can turn on while watching the new SMART BTS Ad. Here's a sneak peek:

Some behind the scenes photos during the commercial shoot, which are all in HI-RES when you access the website:

My OT7 heart is bursting every time they mention their Filipino fans. πŸ’œπŸ’š

Of course I tried the Light Stick tab, an innovative and immersive experience for ARMYs where our phones can turn into ARMY Bombs while watching the new BTS commercial via the site. Ang gandang fan service nito. πŸ‘

Inspiring words flashed my "Light Stick". You should try it too!

Lastly, a favorite part, you can also get a digital photo card of your "IDOL OF THE DAY". 

... aaaand I got my bias on first try! I wouldn't mind getting a different member for the 7 days of the week, though! πŸ˜‰

Make sure to return to the page for more surprises in the coming days!

Watch the SMART BTS commercial here: 

Congratulations again to SMART Communications and PublicityAsia for this awesome campaign! Thank you for bringing BTS closer to us, Filipino ARMYs! 


*Smart Prepaid/Postpaid, Smart Bro Prepaid/Postpaid, Infinity, Sun Postpaid and PLDT Home Wi-Fi Prepaid are eligible to access the site.

I was supposed to be on a self-imposed shopping ban, but one day I decided to just check out some of the items in my Shopee cart--but limiting my budget to just Php 500. 

The packages arrived on different dates, and finally got everything yesterday April 21. I love this haul, good quality lahat, so sharing them here.

1. CQW 6PCS Kitchen Knife Set Colorful Stainless Steel Cleaver Scissor

Aesthetic kitchen tools in pastel tones!

Price: Php 165

Site Rating: 4.9 / 5

Order Placed: April 15, 2021

Order Received: April 21, 20221


2. CQW Foldable Chopping Board Bowl, Drain Basket Vegetable Bowl, 3-in-1 Sink Foldable Chopping Board

It's a chopping board, a bowl, and a drain basket in one at less than Php 100!

Price: Php 75

Site Rating: 4.9 / 5

Order Placed: April 15, 2021

Order Received: April 21, 20221


Purchased 1 set of knives and 1 chopping board for only Php 237 inclusive of shipping using Shopee Pay and Shopee Coins

3. Big Hair Claws Clips Acrylic Shower Crab Clamps Shark Clip Chic Fashion Girls

You don't have to spend too much to follow this comeback trend!

Price: Php 29-39

Purchased 5 pieces at Php 79 inclusive of shipping using Shopee Pay and Shopee Coins

Site Rating: 4.8 / 5

Order Placed: April 15, 2021

Order Received: April 19, 20221


4. FREE WHITE MARKER! Aesthetic Arsty Home Decor Accents Desk Wooden Vanity Mirror Home Decoration

Finally, a trendy desk mirror that's within budget.

Price: Php 199-205

Purchased at Php 159 inclusive of shipping using Shopee Pay and Shopee Coins

Site Rating: 4.9 / 5

Order Placed: April 15, 2021

Order Received: April 18, 2021


Other option: (Php 250) 

Total = Php 475

Shopee Budget Shopping Tips:

1. Use ShopeePay, they have big discount vouchers that you can only use with this payment method. I tap up my Shopee Pay via GCash and BDO with no service charges, and crediting is real-time.

2. Always check for additional vouchers for free shipping or to earn Shopee Coins. Make sure to use these for more discounts. If you're also a Platinum Member, don't forget to check the rewards tab for vouchers that you can claim. Used all of these, so I only spent Php 500 for everything listed above.

3. Lastly, Shopee has been holding monthly sales so watch out for these dates! You can really save a lot, or earn more coins than shopping on regular days. April 15 was their Payday Sale.

Feel free to add other tips below, or share your favorite online finds!

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Flower Cafe in Manila

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This post sat in my drafts for too long! Will post this even without a specific storyline in mind, anyway... Typing away!

I always "envy" cities abroad where you can spot flower stands in random street corners. Quaint cafes decorated with blooms--fresh or dried--are normal hangout places. But I realized that these days, Manila is slowly keeping up. We have themed cafes sprouting around the city, and locals supporting these shops which in turn will sustain small businesses. I love it!

During one out of two times my friends and I were able to hangout during this whole "new normal", we met up around San Juan area so we can checkout the billboard I was able to put up for BTS Suga's birthday (Thanks to everyone who supported my project). 

After lunch and billboard, our last stop was in this tiny floral shop in Mandaluyong called "Flower Ranch Cafe". You can buy flowers in this shop, get your coffee, take photos, as long as you go inside by 2s or 3s only. The place is really a pretty little corner flower cafe, so photos ahead as expected ! ! !

We really dressed up for this cafe stop, noh! 😁

"we aren’t expert floral artists and baristas by any means, but we offer you intimate pieces, handpicked and thoughtfully made by us—for you ♡"

Flower Ranch Cafe

Address: Beacon Plaza Ideal St. cor Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
Payment Options: Credit Card, PayPal, BPI and BDO transfers
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays, from 8am to 6pm

Dine In? There's a signage outside saying they will only accommodate 2 maximum guests at a time. But since we're 6 in the group, they allowed us to order by 3s. 

They have waiting area outside, and guests can only stay for 15-20 minutes. NO professional shoots are allowed, but you can take photos for your social media within the duration of your stay. Please be considerate of other people waiting outside the shop, and follow the store's policy.

(Dining options are currently not allowed because of government protocols, so please follow their IG to get updates)

Menu? Flower Ranch Cafe offers high quality single origin, 100% arabica beans from Mt. Apo, Davao del Sur—handpicked by a small group of farmers from Sitio Pluto, Balutakay. They also have cookies which my friends loved and I should order next time. They are fairly priced too! You can check out their menu HERE.

Hope I can go back in this shop when all is well again. 🌸

Visit their website at for more information, and follow their Instagram for latest protocols and other updates.

They also offer flower deliveries around the Metro!